i heart r.g.

hi friends and other random people who may be future friends!

i just saw this link via hypstercrite and had had HAD to share, because i love me some RYAN FLIPPIN’ GOSLING. i really do think that if i didn’t marry g then i would definitely be ryan g’s sweet sweet missus. lucky for g i’m all his. (for now) Joking!

ch ch check it out here.


so, please please take a peek at ma main man ryan g and his runway airport fashion strutting. there’s a reason why i always say to dress your best  when you’re going to places such as this~ on a plane, at the grocery, going to the school library, etc.

trust me, back in my single days i used to at least put on some nice jeans and a clean shirt going to the laundry mat after many. many times of seeing the good- looking cool guy whilst wearing my shit-clothes. so, can you blame ryan g for wanting to look like a class-act after arriving at LAX and such? i don’t think so. especially if it’s all over TMZ and shit.

so, i say, go baby go. ryan~ kudos to you for dressing to the 9’s for your flights. it makes me smile that you are so painfully good-looking.

and, with that i bid you all a good-nights. i hope you all dream of lovely celebrities and your husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends this eve.




who the heck knew these badass sweeds would sound like sweet, sweet heaven tapping their cottage cheese tubs and covering Robyn’s,”call your girlfriend”?




because it sounds like pure buttah.

if you haven’t listened to this, you need to.

i can NOT stop!

i hope you heart it the way i do.

happy wednesday!


holla back girl

i am writing this post is to proclaim my  girl style crush: gwen stefani to the world.

can we talk about the fact that this woman is a mother of 2, a musician/songwriter, clothing designer, has a fragrance line, and is married to insanely good-looking  and talented husband gavin rossdale (i hate her for this), looks like the sexiest lady on earth~ and is 41 flippin years old….?

how it is even possible is beyond me. i’m well aware that most celebrities are photo-shopped and airbrushed, have personal trainers and the means to looking amazing available to them more than us regular folk, but she still ceases to amaze me with such stellar style into her 40’s, regardless of how she does it.

some friends and i were talking over the weekend about what makes a woman sexy vs. sleazy, and how the women we were discussing ( all celebrities, because it is easy) in our minds were what we would call “truly sexy”.

the women i think are truly effortlessly beautiful are all ones who’s style i really admire, and also the way they present themselves plays a huge role in how the world views them too. i won’t get into a super-heavy topic about naming too many names, but one lady who i truly admire is  my homegirl gwen stefani.

let’s take a look at some seriously awesome  shots of  GS ~ shall we?








don’t you want to proclaim your crush on her too? what a classy lady. her hair as well as personal style has always made me have a style crush on her.

the fact that she rocks some leopard print and houndstooth on the regular is also awesome. i do remember her kinda strange (but yet somehow still cool) style from long ago when no doubt first became a band, but still respect her for taking risks with fashion and being herself.

well, kids that is all for now!  go listen to hollaback girl and bake some cupcakes! that’s what i did today.

(i should’ve been practicing my victory rolls so i could rock them like miss g). chow for now! happy monday.




may crushes.

hey y’all! here are a few things i am lurrrrvin’ right now.

well, at least today. and it rained, so i need some love inspiration.

let’s do it!

1. these coral badass mo ‘fo’s (gabe would die and go to sneaker-nerd heaven if i wore these. i would be his ULTIMATE dream girl):

2.  botanical prints… i made a large scale piece for a friend of all old botanicals and i loved it ever so…

3.tea cup piglets. don’t judge me, either~ i’ve loved these lil squirts for years and haven’t came home with one yet.

4. lace doilies. i want to cover my LIFE in them.

5. these INSANE hats by zara carpenter, aka chatham girl ( found courtesy of http://daisyjanie.typepad.com)

6.michael kors rose gold watch… OMG. one of my brides (also a crush) had this and it made me want to drool on myself i loves it so:

7.  these wickedly cool paper chandeliers via baby blue tickled pink, via design*sponge.paper chandeliers

8. royal albert country roses bone china… my mom has this set (i think) and it reminds me of growing up…

9.long-term love,  bandanas!!!!! (great website, we heart it)

10.brazilian beans.

(image from http://flavorsofbrazil.blogspot.com/2010_07_01_archive.html)

don’t freak out, i am now an active bean eater and have manged to get over (somewhat) my extreme bean phobia, after much persuasion on gabe’s part,.. reminding me when we go to brazil it isn’t polite not to eat his mom and grandmas beans.  AND he made them several times and made me stop crying and eat them.

now, they made it to number 10 on my may crushes list????? do i even know me anymore????? thanks gabe. tell your mom they better be damn good beans. or else.

that is all for today, lover-lies. what are your top 10 may crushes other than the Royals and their lives? and, me of course…?

my heart goes a flutter.

i was shook off my feet in LOVE when i fell upon these insanely lovely illustrations that pretty zoo featured on her blog.

(adorable blog full of lovely and inspiring things!)

each one of them created by elodie, a french illustrator based in paris, specializing in fashion and portraiture.

she has been featured in tons of magazines and her work can also be seen in several galleries, one in Canada! (la gallery in Montreal, QC)

and i will let you go to her amazing website and check out more of her breathtaking prints.

when i see art like this, i struggle to maintain how people can be so talented. i have so many people in my life who are as well, and i hope one day they will get as much recognition with their art the way elodie and so many others do. all they need is support, so keep supporting artists!!!

here are a few of my favorites by elodie from her portfolio:


this just made my sunday ever so sunday-licious.

( until i realized how much laundry there is to do.)

happy sunday- liciousness to you.  i hope your sunday involves art and maybe not the laundry.


breathtaking bicyclettes

holy hellion.

i need one of these bad boys in my life.


couldn’t you see me ripping around town in THIS stunning beaut?

Bella, my baby

this website is delicious.


too bad i’m such a klutz, and would probably own a sick bike like Bella (above), and try to look so cool one day and wipe out in public. that is a verrrry believable story that may have happened to me before,…. i think. it’s fun to dream though, am i right?



one of my favorite musicians alive. regina spektor is so amazing, and she was unbelievable to see in concert. even though when we saw her, lynn and i were sandwiched in the corner of a stage at the back, between a weird man in all white linens clothes and presumably his wife…. it was a good time right cullen ;)

anyways,she is beautiful and amazing and i love her.



song love~ this one still has me.

just had a listen to this, and always the same result: my heart just flutters.  those of you remember my jack johnson marathon days when all i would even consider listening to was him, and while it’s gradually decreased from those times, he is still always one of my favorite artists for so many reasons.

hey gabriel, would you hurry up and write me a love song already???? GEESH!!!!!!


oscars and fish burritos

my girl michelle

so, we all know last night was the Oscars, and we decided to watch with a bit o’ fish. i have wanted to attempt fish burritos for a long time, and last night with so much anticipation, did the deed. thanks to Nadz’s expert Gratti folding skill and precision,  they were very well received.

there is no photo documentation of cette burritos, however, there is of the amazing and very thoughtful Oscar chocolate cakes that my homie Nadia brought without hesitation. we ate them all up,yum yum yum. good job, gurl.


so, we watched half online in english, and 1/4 in Espanol~ until gabe saved the day and saved the most important of the last few category awards. i wanna say a big “hells yes” to my girl natalie portman for her take home for best actress, well deserved~black swan was flippin amazing. she is amazing and i love her. also, mila kunis and her amazing dress. holla! anyways, thanks to nadia, lynn and gabe for a great oscar night 2011. (next year we’ll get cable….!!!!)


song love again.

i am absolutely in love with mayer hawthorne and county. gabe first introduced me to him a year ago, we went to a show at Wrongbar.  gabe had already seen him once before that and loved him, too.

i was sick and felt awful at the time, but could not resist the urge to dance. the show was so good, and he  really connected to the audience when he and his band perform.  he is funny, improves a bit, and overall just wants the crowd to dance their asses off.we went to see him a second time at the opera house, and it was equally as amazing for me…. i was feeling better and had lots of g&t’s to boot !

anyways, i’m off to walk to work ,  i am glad to be walking again~( yesterday in the -22 degrees  my body didnt like me for 45 minutes,…) but usually when i’ve got some good beats on my ipod i’m ready to take on the world! (today will be much milder, thank god).

anyway, mayer hawthorne is pretty much THA MAN when it comes to getting pumped up for the day. give it a try.