fleurs, fleurs



hi everyone!

Just a quick post before i dash off to le shoppe, but i just wanted to share a few Instagram pics of some wedding bouquets as of late. ( if you don´t already have me on IG, i´m @disastrousjane)

Also, please ignore the not-so-amazing quality of the old iPhone3G….i´m workin´ on gettin me some UPGRADE soon-ish.

That is all! PS~ĩf you live in toronto or even Ontario (Canada) for that matter, we are supposed to be hitting a ridiculous weather all time high today with a real feel of FIFTY FLIPPING DEGREES. 50.50.50.  I am still not over it.So, drink lotsa cold stuff and sit in some AC, cause it´s about to feel tropical up in this province, folks. Nasty!

Happy Friiiiiiday!!!


flowers for showers


well, ‘ello ‘ello boys (and probably more) girls.

how is everyone doing on this fine day? we were sitting at 8 degrees above zero today…. RECORD BREAKER!

um, mother nature? it’s january.

Mother Nature: well, stop treating me like a giant garbage can and maybe things won’t be so bananas, no?

okay, you win.

ANYWAY~ i wanted to share some photos and lovely little blog post about my sunday aft. one of my besties is going to las vegas for one of her besties weddings in a few days, and wanted to have an “unconventional” yet fun little wedding shower for her. to attribute to this fun day, lynn asked me f i would come and show all of the shower girls how to make a flower arrangement! and, being that i haven’t taught barely any classes since i moved to ontario~ i was all over this idea. plus, lynn is a really awesome person (as is the whole cullen family) and i knew her friend erin would really enjoy this.

so, here are a few photos via heather from our sunday class. i think that all of the girls made truly lovely arrangements in their vases that they brought along to the shower. good job, ladies!

all of our flowers were supplied by pink twig (of course) and included:gerberas, hyacinth, kermits and spray roses. salal for greenery.



so, this was a pretty great day. also, we had some yummy food and tea and talked about awesome stuff for the rest of the afternoon!  so, that, my friends was a very nice sunday for moi. i love doing things like this, and sometimes think that i need to get back into the teaching part of my career~ i really miss that about my life here in toronto vs scotia, as back home i was teaching classes almost weekly. it definitely made me feel refreshed before the big v-day ( or should i say the worst day of my life every year)

anyways, i hope you all enjoyed your weekend, whatever you got up to! and, if you know anyone in the t.dot area that wants to learn some skills, you know the gal to holler at can be right therepushin’ petals, at your service!

happy night night.

fave fleurs from a florist

today i looked around and realized that spring is here, and although we all are complaining in canada about the yucky and soaking wet weather we are getting, i really really appreciate how lush it makes everything look once the days of pouring are over. positive, no? all of the flowering branches are blooming, and the spring bulbs are just delish right now. so, that being said~ rain? you are great but go away and give us a break. (please)

after this rain-love realization, i realized how little i write about one of my biggest passions in life~my career! so, this is my post to show ya’ll my fave flower picks on earth. okay, maybe not of all time~ that’s just too hard. but for now. (i find they change like favorite songs or new color pallettes and nail colors)

1. blushing bride leucadendron

2. peonies


3.     dahlias

4. gloriosa lily

5. aslepia, moby dick

6. babys’ breath (not a joke, folks!)

7. red piano garden roses

8. craspedia


10. hyacinth

and, there you have it. these are not in any special order, and are only a top 10 out of one zillion. maybe even a trillion~ whatever is bigger.

what is your favorite fleur?

and, p.s~ don’t be mad at the rain, okay?( mother nature is allowed to be a jerk at times too)

happy happy monday!!!!!!!

just reminiscing…Wearable Art Show

this is going to be a post  honoring  memories looong long ago.

but i felt compelled to bust them out again, as i am missin’ my besties back in halifax. and especially around this time of year i always  find myself missing taking part in NSCAD’s Wearable Art Show.

NSCAD  University is the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I was not a student there, however i always felt very much a part of the community. most of my closest friends from home were students at the university, and i worked with a lot of them across the street at my old Flower Shop.

After 20 years the show is still going strong, and if you are in halifax next Thursday, April 21st~PLEASE go for me.

and love and appreciate all the hard work, blood sweat and tears that goes into this show. Proceeds from the show are donated to the AIDS Coalition.

i have participated as a designer in the show 2x, and i loved every minute of the show, including creating as well as seeing all of the work of the art students come together on their models on the night of the show. *sigh*

I miss you guys!!!!!!! here are some highlights from my last show, in 2009.

we  are a tight knit group, and the wearable art show was a great place for art kids and friends to showcase some awesome stuff. i have so many memories of these shows! i tried to look for pictures from past years and came up dry, so this is what you get.

thanks again, even years later to my lovely girlfriends who made amazing models out of  my crazy floral art. charley, alyssa, bree bree and holly~ you guys held it down for me!

i do have some video from that night, but i won’t share it because it will make you too dizzy.

missing you Wearable Art Show!!! all the best to 2011’s designers and models!!!!!



there is nothing, i repeat nothing cooler than this concept and these photos. i had seen this post a while back, and i have looked at it sooo many times since then. i don’t know if it’s the fact that this wedding is in the middle of the woods, or that it’s circus-themed, or the fact that there are hanging parasols above the dance floor and old picture frames, …. and the velvet, and the mis-matched bridal party attire…. it seriously makes my heart skip a beat i love it ever – so – muchly.

this wedding has been featured on:

100 layer cake
gabrielryan photography

and the bride, Erin also has her own adorable blog, erinpotpie!

great stuff. lovesit.i want a circus themed-wedding!!!!!!!


the big V


so, the big v day is here…….sigh…….

what a relief.well, just for the days up to, and today. but, as a florist we all know after doing it this long, the days after the storm are quite stressful as well….so, to cope, we drink wine.

lots of wine.

anyways, i hope ya’ll had a badass valentine’s day. i got a lovely vintage-like silver heart pendant with rubies for my vday.

( i bet he’s glad it’s over too).

that’s it!


pimping out peeps.

i guess in starting this blog i had no idea what it will be all about, what i will say, if people will read it, do i have an exciting enough life to be posting stuff that is the least bit entertaining?

all of these questions i am still yet to answer, but for now, since my life is in full valentine’s day florist mode,… it being my 11th Valentine’s Day to date (how the hell have i been doing this that long?) my life is pretty dull.

SO, … that being said i will write about other cool and inspiring people that i land upon through other inspiring peoples’ blogs.

this one is adorable.

it seems relatively new, but the most delightful ideas.

the more i see great things like this the more i want to plan a wedding. i guess i’m in a good industry to have this happen, no?

i love when people bring really amazing ideas like this, and put a fresh new spin on things. it makes my career worth it.

anywho, feel free to check this one out. i’m hoping with persuasion i can coax gabe into someday wearing suspenders or a fedora.

in the meantime, check out rustic bride’s blog:


P.s jenalee, i hope you like this one!!!!!! xo