about moi

hi, i’m rebecca , and i am currently living in toronto, canada after moving here from nova scotia 2 years ago in search for new inspiring things. my passion for flowers and design has kept me married to my job for 10 (eeek!!!) years! i  just recently decided to start a blog to keep in touch with my friends and family back home, and show them my new city along the way.

the name “disastrous jane” was pegged to me by my other half, gabriel~ who loves to remind me of my clumsy and often crazy flubs, bumps and disaster-causing ways.(thanks for the inspiration, gabe). he is used to my accidents and silly antics, and thought that others may find them entertaining, too!

in a nutshell, i have a list of things i’d like to share and hope others like to see:
flowers, art, craft, fashion, music, shopping, baking, puppies, shoes, vintage, jewelery,dancing, patterns,weddings, painting, and i know there are plenty of other bits to go here as well.
i hope to share lil’ tidbits about all of these and other fun stuff with whoever ends up reading this little piece of me. i also am a computer-phobe with no blogging background, or any experience in computer-related topics. that being said, have a little patience with me if you are light years ahead of where i’m at!

thanks for stopping by! feel free to offer any advice or thoughts on my humble little site if you feel compelled.i’ve got a lot to learn.


4 responses

  1. hi Rebecca!

    today is finally my day to catch up and was meaning to stop by to thank you for your visit and super sweet comments! you’re so right about us Canadians sticking together and it’s happiness to find you. i used to live in T-dot for over 6 years and see you’ve made the move there too. it’s an awesome city for sure, hope your experience has been something supreme.

    love how Gabe inspired your blogs title, good man indeed! i’m subscribing asap. cheers lades.

    • yes i do read rock’n’rollbride!!!! so cute! i agree that we could definitely be moving in that direction for our day :) um, i am so excited that you are moving to TORONTO!!!!! YAYA!!!! of course i will be your friend! it will be great to finally meet in person!!!!!! p.s, outfit post will come soon,… i always want to do more but need someone to shoot me in the morning before work so i never et a chance to make them happen! noted. i will make them happen more now!!!

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