i heart r.g.

hi friends and other random people who may be future friends!

i just saw this link via hypstercrite and had had HAD to share, because i love me some RYAN FLIPPIN’ GOSLING. i really do think that if i didn’t marry g then i would definitely be ryan g’s sweet sweet missus. lucky for g i’m all his. (for now) Joking!

ch ch check it out here.


so, please please take a peek at ma main man ryan g and his runway airport fashion strutting. there’s a reason why i always say to dress your best  when you’re going to places such as this~ on a plane, at the grocery, going to the school library, etc.

trust me, back in my single days i used to at least put on some nice jeans and a clean shirt going to the laundry mat after many. many times of seeing the good- looking cool guy whilst wearing my shit-clothes. so, can you blame ryan g for wanting to look like a class-act after arriving at LAX and such? i don’t think so. especially if it’s all over TMZ and shit.

so, i say, go baby go. ryan~ kudos to you for dressing to the 9’s for your flights. it makes me smile that you are so painfully good-looking.

and, with that i bid you all a good-nights. i hope you all dream of lovely celebrities and your husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends this eve.


One response

  1. DAMN!!!! I LOVE a man who wears classy shoes. Seriously…..he looks so fabulous here I can’t get over it! I need to talk to Shawn about stepping up his wardrobe…
    He has come a long way from ripped t shirts though…to t shirts without holes….haha
    :) Oh well! Not everyone is as rich and famous as mister G!

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