metal spike through my tire after i just spent 3.5 hours power cleaning our new apartment.

ungh. ungh.

oh, it’s also like -15 outside and gabe had to change the tire in the flippity freezing cold.





so, this week my disasters were pretty minimal, i would say. i’m sure gabe would disagree, as he is the reason for the” disastrous jane” reference. (he calls me that on a daily basis)

it’s sunday, so i can conclude that to my knowledge, these are the only occurrences of the week:

*ground coffee all over the kitchen floor as i am rushing around to get to work in a dash….

*broke a vase at work that had already been chipped,….so it was already out of commission. at least it was damaged goods.

* three weird scratches on my forearm (from who knows what) that sting and ouch a lot

and, folks… that’s it!!!!  low key and easy entry this week. but, its only 11am, still TONS of time to make a mess, right?