song love again.

i am absolutely in love with mayer hawthorne and county. gabe first introduced me to him a year ago, we went to a show at Wrongbar.  gabe had already seen him once before that and loved him, too.

i was sick and felt awful at the time, but could not resist the urge to dance. the show was so good, and he  really connected to the audience when he and his band perform.  he is funny, improves a bit, and overall just wants the crowd to dance their asses off.we went to see him a second time at the opera house, and it was equally as amazing for me…. i was feeling better and had lots of g&t’s to boot !

anyways, i’m off to walk to work ,  i am glad to be walking again~( yesterday in the -22 degrees  my body didnt like me for 45 minutes,…) but usually when i’ve got some good beats on my ipod i’m ready to take on the world! (today will be much milder, thank god).

anyway, mayer hawthorne is pretty much THA MAN when it comes to getting pumped up for the day. give it a try.



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