my heart goes a flutter.

i was shook off my feet in LOVE when i fell upon these insanely lovely illustrations that pretty zoo featured on her blog.

(adorable blog full of lovely and inspiring things!)

each one of them created by elodie, a french illustrator based in paris, specializing in fashion and portraiture.

she has been featured in tons of magazines and her work can also be seen in several galleries, one in Canada! (la gallery in Montreal, QC)

and i will let you go to her amazing website and check out more of her breathtaking prints.

when i see art like this, i struggle to maintain how people can be so talented. i have so many people in my life who are as well, and i hope one day they will get as much recognition with their art the way elodie and so many others do. all they need is support, so keep supporting artists!!!

here are a few of my favorites by elodie from her portfolio:


this just made my sunday ever so sunday-licious.

( until i realized how much laundry there is to do.)

happy sunday- liciousness to you.  i hope your sunday involves art and maybe not the laundry.



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