just be nice.

Hi everyone,

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today was a bit of a gong show. (and i despise gong shows)

okay, well a lot of a gong show. Many things contribute to cette gong show, but work was bananas, and Gabe and I received our eviction notice over the weekend to move out of our love nest, along with the other tenants in our building. needless to say, we knew it was coming, but are still in full- on move out/find a new apartment/ irritated-at-our-situation mode.

so that is that.

Then i just finished a late dinner and happened to peruse Amy´s blog, (i love it, and read it regularly because she´s awesome. so should you) and saw this gem, to sum up how i feel about people in this world, in general, today.

Hope you aren´t being one of these lately. ´ cause that sucks. and, if you are nice to people, just a little bit, then they are usually nice back, no???

I want this print to frame in my house. or, to make wallpaper out of. to go everywhere in my house.

Happy Tuesday night!

Peeee ~ Ess, i really hope every one of you watched Weeds new and last ever only season that aired Sunday. Ma homegirl Nancy Botwin is back, bitches!!!!!!


color me ginger

well, folks bye bye blondie.bring me back to the ginger days. here’s the before and after:



(Sorry about gabe’s feet in the second shot.) thanks to my hairdresser, sarah white~ who’s tha bomb.


Lynn Cullen=superstar


here’s my girl lynn with her new and extremely random cereal commercial. it’s funny because i actually have been eating this cereal for a few weeks now! but, of course i was, if all the cool kids at Mary’s Yarns are eating it and making cool scarves and stuff. way to go, MLC~ YOU FAMOUS!





the cave


i just want to write about how much i loved mumford and sons’ performance last night at the Grammys.


it made me wish i had gone to see them a few months ago when they came to toronto.

next time! i tried to find it online but it obviously wasn’t up yet.

so good. and, with bob dylan? pretty crazy stuff, even though he’s seen better days!

if you didn’t see it tonight, you missed out.



this website is one of the most amazing, if not THE most amazing and inspiring one i have ever.seen.ever.

and i’m a florist and have seen all sorts of amazing stuff over the years.

every single wedding showcased on this website makes me tear up a bit wishing it was mine, or i was at least a guest at it!

they are all so amzingly planned, and vintage and real and perfect and i love them.

i have been reading and looking at this website for weeks after seeing it mentioned on another blog that i check.

my heart beats like this: THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP when i read it and see the amazing ideas.

hope you like it as much, just don’t have a heart attack.



why john,……WHY????

i would just like to let all who don’t know this about me know, that i love john clayton mayer. the love is, over time, beginning to dwindle, but still does exist.

and, it is when i see a photo like this one i start to wonder:

a) why?

b) really, becky?

c) was this a phase? ( a 6 year long phase)

i had to just put this out there. i’ll keep thinking about it….


more crushing

this is another girl crush blogger i’ve found.  i keep telling gabe that i need a friggin’ puppy to be a cool blog “it” girl, and that in all of the cool girl blogs i have been looking at, not ONE of them does NOT have an adorable dog that they dress up, make hats for, and post funny pictures of.

he insists on saying,” if all the popular blog girls jumped off a bridge, would you do that,too?”


i guess i can’t have a puppy then.

check out the blog: