may crushes.

hey y’all! here are a few things i am lurrrrvin’ right now.

well, at least today. and it rained, so i need some love inspiration.

let’s do it!

1. these coral badass mo ‘fo’s (gabe would die and go to sneaker-nerd heaven if i wore these. i would be his ULTIMATE dream girl):

2.  botanical prints… i made a large scale piece for a friend of all old botanicals and i loved it ever so…

3.tea cup piglets. don’t judge me, either~ i’ve loved these lil squirts for years and haven’t came home with one yet.

4. lace doilies. i want to cover my LIFE in them.

5. these INSANE hats by zara carpenter, aka chatham girl ( found courtesy of

6.michael kors rose gold watch… OMG. one of my brides (also a crush) had this and it made me want to drool on myself i loves it so:

7.  these wickedly cool paper chandeliers via baby blue tickled pink, via design*sponge.paper chandeliers

8. royal albert country roses bone china… my mom has this set (i think) and it reminds me of growing up…

9.long-term love,  bandanas!!!!! (great website, we heart it)

10.brazilian beans.

(image from

don’t freak out, i am now an active bean eater and have manged to get over (somewhat) my extreme bean phobia, after much persuasion on gabe’s part,.. reminding me when we go to brazil it isn’t polite not to eat his mom and grandmas beans.  AND he made them several times and made me stop crying and eat them.

now, they made it to number 10 on my may crushes list????? do i even know me anymore????? thanks gabe. tell your mom they better be damn good beans. or else.

that is all for today, lover-lies. what are your top 10 may crushes other than the Royals and their lives? and, me of course…?

One response

  1. HAhA! As soon as I saw the bean picture I freaked! I thought it was a scam!! I’m glad you explained your new taste for beans! I wish I was there for the first bite!!
    Good work! Gabe is the only person in the whole wide world who could get you to eat beans!! I love this guy! :)

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