holla back girl

i am writing this post is to proclaim my  girl style crush: gwen stefani to the world.

can we talk about the fact that this woman is a mother of 2, a musician/songwriter, clothing designer, has a fragrance line, and is married to insanely good-looking  and talented husband gavin rossdale (i hate her for this), looks like the sexiest lady on earth~ and is 41 flippin years old….?

how it is even possible is beyond me. i’m well aware that most celebrities are photo-shopped and airbrushed, have personal trainers and the means to looking amazing available to them more than us regular folk, but she still ceases to amaze me with such stellar style into her 40’s, regardless of how she does it.

some friends and i were talking over the weekend about what makes a woman sexy vs. sleazy, and how the women we were discussing ( all celebrities, because it is easy) in our minds were what we would call “truly sexy”.

the women i think are truly effortlessly beautiful are all ones who’s style i really admire, and also the way they present themselves plays a huge role in how the world views them too. i won’t get into a super-heavy topic about naming too many names, but one lady who i truly admire is  my homegirl gwen stefani.

let’s take a look at some seriously awesome  shots of  GS ~ shall we?








don’t you want to proclaim your crush on her too? what a classy lady. her hair as well as personal style has always made me have a style crush on her.

the fact that she rocks some leopard print and houndstooth on the regular is also awesome. i do remember her kinda strange (but yet somehow still cool) style from long ago when no doubt first became a band, but still respect her for taking risks with fashion and being herself.

well, kids that is all for now!  go listen to hollaback girl and bake some cupcakes! that’s what i did today.

(i should’ve been practicing my victory rolls so i could rock them like miss g). chow for now! happy monday.




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