just have a listen

yo yo people. t minus 26 days until i become a De Oliveira and things are in full-throttle mayhem.

ok, well, … i may have over exaggerated a wee bit. the shop is mayhem, we have 3 insanely busy weeks in a row, 2 down and 1 left to go, and then we go back to some form of regular before the holiday season. weddings, weddings, everywhere! so, for me it may feel like mayhem all over town.

that being said, i am getting very excited to see my friends and family, and to be marrying the big Brazilian stud i managed to hook!

so, tonight i will leave you with some ear candy to sample.here are a few songs that have been getting me through the craziness, i hope you’ll enjoy!


happy weekend, kittens!!!



c’mon, get me through the weekend


thanks, brucey. always loved ya. always will.


anyone who knows me, knows THIS: this next song is the epitome of my life. it is my song, always has been.


so, as you’re makin’ your way through the long weekend~ bring back brucey and i promise you’ll get by.

and, get some beer.

or gin.

or whatever it is you think will float your boat.

i think i’ll have all 3~brucey my boy, beers, gin. maybe not in that order.

Enjoy your weekend, fellas.

Peace out suckers!



fist pump friday.

okay folks. this one is a “play on repeat” for me, and ever since the  very first time i heard it, i will never not love it.


i just can’t not listen to it. i can’t not  crank this shit up. the best is when i am driving, or walking to work, rocking out on my ipod, trying not to dance down college street. full tilt, volume up, rock out. gold.

my girl lynn cullen is in agreeance~this song is a fist pumper.

fist pump! (something tells me the jersey shore kids would not categorize this as one of their fist pump songs) but, it works just fine for us.

wedding delivery day 2 tomorrow.

this is the song that’s gonna get me through it. and, the promise of my sweet sweet gin and tonics waiting for me when it’s all over.

happy friday!

fist pumpin’ friday with temper trap, sweet friggin’ disposition.

get on that.



just a little tuesday pick me up.

well, the weather in toronto the last couple of days has been amazing~with the exception of the random bursts of rain that have been happening. but, after it all clears and the sun is out, you forget it was even yucky! we have had  all the windows open in the apartment and there’s a lovely breeze that blows from the front to the back. le sigh…. spring is here, right? here’s hopin.

just on my way to work, and on my walk i’ll probably throw some She & Him on the ol’ ipod and skip down college street.

(well,… maybe not, but i usually fight not to dance the whole way there some days).

here’s a litle tuesday inspiration for the rest of yous’  from my girl crush zooey:

happy tuesday everyone!!!!



holla at my sweedish boys.

just going to pimp out one of my fave bands, peter bjorn and john. they just dropped their new album, “gimme some” on march 29th.

disasterous jane rating: 9/10 big ones

i’ve literally just gave the album a run through once  from start to fin, and i must say i’m really feelin’ it.

with the exception of “(don’t let them) cool off”, i loved every track. ( i didn’t even hate that song, i just didn’t LOVE it).

i have tickets to see them for the second time here in toronto on may 6th at lee’s palace.

and i will tell you right now that i am ready.for.it.

please check them out, and if you already like them i can tell you that you will not be disappointed.

i know you remember this catchy beat from writer’s block (2006):

band love. song love. album love.

the last show in toronto was really awesome, they killed it with the sound and performance.

i can’t waaaaaaaait until may!