artist love.

hi everyone,

while poking around on the internets i just came across this amazing artist from the UK, via the lovely deer little fawn blog. Liz Clements seriously just blew my mind with these amazing portraits and illustrations. I may have to order a print for our house very soon.





Please please, PUH- LEASE visit her website and admire her stunning work here.

enjoy your friday, kittens!!!!!!


moss garffiti = amazheballs.

Why hello there, ya´ll!

I´m sorry i´ve been  o MIA as of late ( is this is beginning to sound a bit too familiar ??). There are a lot of big changes happening around these parts and things are pretty chaotic. ( Also, it seems way too often that I type this)

So, anyway….I´m taking some time while my boys are out watching  futeball  soccer to peruse the internets. Luckily so, as I just came across one of , if not THE coolest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon.

MOSS FLIPPIN´ GRAFFITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

so, I am currently holding every ounce of my self back from running to the kitchen to bust out my blender and whip up a good ol´ batch of moss to grow and paint in pretty font onto some kind of surface. Every surface. Walls. Ceilings. Everything.

So, I saw this first on Pinterest, and then I followed up here to find out the mastermind behind this genius idea. The directions I  found here , a very cool website to check out, if you don´t already know it!

So, I haven´t tried this super turbo amazing project as of yet, but let me tell you all something: the minute I get some time, along with some buttermilk, moss and a paintbrush~ believe you me I am paintin´ me up some moss graffiti. No jokes.

Okay, so I hope you all love this as much as I do, and in the meantime I also hope you have a great Wednesday night. I have had entirely way too much cool for tonight, so I am off to bed.

See you on the flipside, homies.

pretty shiny sparkly.

hi everyone!

i just wanted to drop a line and give a shout out to ma huzband G.

One year ago today I woke up (sick with a cold and sad after an awful week)  and to a strange teddy bear with glasses dressed in a tuxedo sitting on my dresser.  I was confused and pissed that someone perhaps broke into our apartment and left a bear there~ who does that????

then, as i gathered myself and took a closer look I saw it. Sitting in its´ signature box, on the strange bears´ lap.
my very own Kate Szabone ring.   G then asked me to press the bear´s foot, and out comes a voice-recorded Brazilian accent asking me to marry him.

One year ago today. And, shortly after this day in August 2011 we headed down to City Hall and got the darn thing done. (That´s a whole different day  we will celebrate a year passing!)

So, to my husband: Thanks for buying me the most perfect, beautiful, amazingly-lovely,  pretty shiny sparkly in all the land and for asking me to get hitched. You´re pretty gosh darn great, Mister De Oliveira.

That being said : I wish you all a happy Tuesday night, and another shout out to my bestie Melissa who had an amazing birthday yesterday. you my girl. xo

a little NYC.

hi everyone,

things here are moving real fast as of late. G and i are all moved into our new lil´ place and loving it, but also DYING from the heat and how incredibly hot it is up in here. we just got back from our weekend in New York, and found out that Gabriel´s baby brother Vinicius is coming to Canada very soon~Tuesday to be exact! (there will be a welcome to Canada baked good of sorts for his arrival on my list of to-do´s)

So, with that being said, we have a helluvalot of loose ends and painting/cleaning/organizing to get to before he comes. We also want to visit some friends that have missed out on our company over the last few weeks in Kitchener. (I am looking forward to a drunken night of debauchery, let me tell you)

So, anyways. Things are good and great and hot and oh my. I got attacked by a pigeon today (for real, it happened) and after that had an acupuncture appointment where i told my lady to go heavy on the needles after this whacko day.

So, New York, New York. We did a whole lotta stuff in the 2.5 days we were there. Mostly eating and food related, but all the same it was great. I will say that never again will i decide to go during an extreme heat wave that is worse than what is going down here in T. dot O right now. We literally had moments where we almost barfed/and or fainted from the crazy insaneo heat. (Especially in the subway stations). While i loved it, and we had a great time, I started to realize how much i appreciate this city, and how much ¨slower¨ it really is here in relation to the city that never sleeps. It was like the greatest level of over stimuli that i have ever witnessed in my whole life (which is obvi not the best comparison considering i rarely travel)..but still. SO much to do and see and look at and be around and watch out for and take photos of and try and know where you are going,… luckily, my husband is a rockstar and was 100% on top of all of those things, getting us around via subways (like, how confusing are the MF subways there, srsly?) Thanks, Gabriel. You are awesome. So, to name a few of the things we did (i mean ate) are: Central Park, a Hudson River bout tour where we went under the Brooklyn Bridge and saw the city from both sides and Miss Lady Liberty, Greenwich Village, Soho, 5th Avenue, the Chelsea Market, the Flower District,Madison Avenue, Times Square, Chelsea, lower East side, and on and on. We ate at the Shake Shack, Big Gay Ice Cram Shop, (complete with man in drag entertaining us in the street for our 30 person deep lineup) Kat´s Delicatessen (where Harry met Sally), Le Pain Quotidien, and lastly but most importantly, Magnolia Bakery. We also walked along the High Line, which was totally amazing and  worth the sweat and parchment.

Here are a few pics for you to chew on, and with that i bid you farewell for le nuit.






Happy Thursday!!!!




this day.

this week was a really hard one for me, and i don´t normally get too gushy mushy around these parts, but today my best friend of over 15 years is getting married.

and i´m not there.

i am so beyond happy that she is marrying the love of her life, and her (other) best friend, but sad as shit that i am not there to be a part of it all. I may have gone into detail before as to why i´m not there before, but it just couldn´t work for G and I  for several reasons. and I´m hating that.

so, i am off from work today, and it turns out to be a good thing, because the waterworks just won´t stop coming. (I started to tear up just writing a facebook status about them for heaven´s sake)

so, today my heart is in Las Vegas with these two nerds, not here in Toronto, doing laundry and crying. I know it will be the most amazing day ever for the both of them, and all i can be is overjoyed! (as an inside joke: any of you who know the Bride it is an ongoing joke between us that we never get emotional around eachother and try our best not to ever cry to one another…so it makes me laugh to think that M is probably not going to tear up on her own wedding and i´m sobbing like a baby!)

On another note, another bestie  of mine is having a baby today, like right now!!!!!!!! i got the happiest text message of ¨today´s the day¨ upon my wakeup and am so terrified excited for Christine, Fabien, and big brother Mateo to have another ¨petite garcon¨ to add to the Melanson family. Good luck, C!!!! I love you!!!

Also, another bestie of mine got a ring on her fingah Sunday, and I could not be happier for her and her beau. (No reveal yet~ i will wait until she goes public before i blog it to random readers!) I can´t waaaaait to help plan this wedding, that´s for sure!!! Love you guys, too~ you know who you are!

so, with all of these great things happening this week, i know it´s gonna be a good one. it has to be!

Happy Tuesday to you all, i hope wherever in the world you might be you´re enjoying as amazing of a day as we are here in T Dot!

the big v is a-comin’, and hopefully a baby, too!


well, hello there special friends and wonderful people. today was a special day, as i got to make a flower arrangement for a pretty big celebrity in my world, (and also a freakin’ awesome CANADIAN!) ~ kim cattrall!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!


why i didn’t take lots of photos to document this magical occasion is beyond me~ truth be told i think i was more in awe that it actually  happened.

i mean, i made a corsage for lucy liu a few years back, and am fortunate enough to have a photo of her wearing it ( with my good friend, anthony) and, she is pretty great. but, those of you who even know a teeny tiny bit about me know i am a major SATC fan, and the actress who plays miss samantha jones to me is basically as  much a celebrity as lady diana.

so, that was a great thing that came along this week. other than that, i am mentally preparing for the crazy and hectic time ahead, the dreaded valentines day. now, i’m not trying to be all “harsh” about this holiday, but as a florist it is one of those holidays that after 11x years and 11x V days, you start to kind of strongly dread the mayhem that comes to your world every year at this time.  soooooo, to beat the v-day blues i usually try and create some kind of positive mantra to play in my mind to somehow get me through it. this year i plan on dressing in red, (or with red accents) for the 3 or 4 days before tuesday, and make a  super awesome love song  playlist for my ipod to play at le shop to keep us pumped. (plus, i think i’ll need to have a whole lotta lattes)




otherwise in breaking V day florist related news, my boss and also great friend tanya  and her beau ry are expecting their first baby in the next few days, ~hopefully the next few hours!!!!!! ry is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, and we all thought it would be super fun for him to become a dad  and celebrate  his birthday all the same…. t + r~ i can’t stop thinking about you guys, and we are so excited to meet baby forest!!!! phone is officially attached to hip with anticipation!

other than these fun facts,not too much is going on around these parts. gabe and i probably won’t celebrate or get too buck wild. even before i was married off i didn’t really ever do much, usually i am so  tired i pass out sitting up that night! (and, my puppy dreams are put on hold until we get a few things ironed out, make some future decisions, and wait for some important pending information) so, i’ll be happy with some yummy thai food and some carrot cake (or cupcakes) and a nice hot relaxing bath.

so, for now here are a few really awesome images and/or tunes i’d like to share with you before saint valentine starts shooting arrows at young lovers.

enjoy, and happy early  day of hell V day!  P.S what are your big plans (or non-plans) to celebrate?

another PS~ if you need flowers in the toronto area then you best get on that phone and call us ASAP and place your order with florist to the celebrities,  Pink twig!!!!! (ha ha ha)






ello, ello everybaaaady. i hope you all are having a great sunday bloody sunday.

we had friends over to our place for the night, and had a very yummy brunch today at the Drake and probably ate too much. soooo, needless to say we are cuddled in watching mindless movies and puttering around the house. (gabe is currently wrapped cocoon-style in his hammock in our living room, snoozing occasionally)

i, on the other hand have been googling puppies on the inter-web for the last 2 hours~ reading and sadly wishing for my dog days to begin. (i am driving g. nuts with puppy-begging the last 24hrs)

you see, i am a dog person. always have been, always will be. i am a firm believer in only having pets if you have the proper environment and finances to accommadate them, and i think because we live in an apartment ( and i have for over 10 years now) that’s an obvious reason as to why i’ve been holding off. however~ our current place is very spacious, has a little backyard, and front yard which would be most suitable for a poochie. we also live beside beautiful High Park~ boasting with trails, off leash dog park and loads of places to exercise a four-legged fur babe.

G, on the other hand grew up with dogs  either running loose in the streets, or the dogs people have  as pets  being left outside most of the year. well, we clearly aren’t in Brazil~ meaning our dogs live mostly inside, with us, like people. (he isn’t super open-minded when it comes to grasping this lifestyle!) so, it is definitely a place that we need to find a way to make it work for us, whether it is wait a few years until we are able to afford some sort of housing of our own here in toronto, or we do some re-arranging of our current place, and take the plunge.

my choice is obvious~ we do our homework and take the plunge! i can’t live my life without a dog in it, and i have for so long already, so as much as i know it will be a huge lifestyle change for us~ i am so ready to be a puppy parent. lots of friends have been pointing out all of the things that can be considered negative or difficult about becoming dog owners, and i am always grateful for the feedback…..however, i grew up with dogs, and while that was when i was a kid, i know we are capable of being awesome doggy parents at some point in our future.

this post is mostly just a regurgitation of my thoughts about dogs, puppies and my yearning to have one of my very own ever so badly. ( i don’t think it is the first time for this on my lil’ blog!!) so, that being said~ all you dog owners out there: kiss your babies for me today and give ’em a big squeeeeeeze from me. for now, i guess i’m squeezing a brazilian… which ain’t so bad, either!

happy sunday to all! i hope you’re doing something relaxing and sunday- worthy like this bunch.



so, last night gabe and i watched Drive~ my main man ryan gosling’s new movie with stunning co star carey mulligan:


so many reasons why i loved it. the first being the acting, and the fact that i love both of these celebs. they killed it. but, also i am loving the wicked soundtrack, which is kinda shocking considering i’m not really into that whole electronic scene. but, from the opening scene with Night Call, (kavinsky) i knew i was going to love it.

i don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone, but i must just say that if you haven’t seen it yet then you are insane.

i am also proud to announce that gabe is okay with the fact that if we hadn’t met, i would be married to ryan gosling.

i just can’t stop listening to the music, man… it’s so good. i will tell you that i think my favorite track as of now is A Real Hero (college).

As much as i am raving about the music, the movie is really great and i thought it was very well executed by all parties. i wanted to see it since the first time i saw a preview, and i am so glad it was a thumbs up all around.

ch ch check it out for yourselves and lemme know whatcha thinks. (only if you like it, if not~ please refrain from telling me)

chao for sunday’s edition!



hello, kittens~ happy monday monday to you all.

last week went by pretty quick, as we had almost 10 weddings at le shop, and i ended up getting stuck with a sickatatingly gross cold, so by the time sunday hit i was glad it was over! i am feeling a lot better today, the cold is subsiding, thank god.

i could also be doing better because yesterday someone really awesome put an amazingly lovely and oh-so-perfect ring on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

play by play story here:

i just barely stepped out of bed, (groggy and confused as usual) and noticed a teddy bear on my dressing table that was not there at midnight when i shut my peepers.

me to gabriel:” how come there’s a teddy bear on my dresser that i have never seen before?”

gabriel:”i have no idea, babe. better go look at it.”

me: walking over to it, still confused wondering why someone would break into our house and put a bear on my dresser, see that there is a box on the bear’s lap and i think i know where that box came from……start to get shaky and think, “is this what’s happening right now?”

Gabe: “press his foot, i think it will tell you something as to why it’s here”

teddy bear: ( with Brazilian accent) ” baby, will you marry me?”

me: hysterical crying for the next 15 minutes

so, as you can clearly conclude, we didn’t have teddy bear placing burglars the night before like i had thought! ( i was dreaming about robbers that night) and, that is our silly little story. now i have a teddy bear that gabriel made himself (i didn’t believe him either, but it’s true) that has my proposal to listen to until the battery dies one day! Normally i have issues with adults owning bears, but this one can be an exception to my own rule.

later on that i day i played it again when he wasn’t around and secretly started to tear up all over again~ shhhh!!!

so, that was an amazing start to my sunday. gabe had asked my parents for their permission (blessing?) and they were absolutely thrilled and over the moon~ even though when they got an email from me saying i got something new they thought it was a puppy!( that would be a pretty good sunday wake up gift too, but i am happy with my gems) gabe’s family has known for some time that this was in the works, and i know they are very happy but also kindof sad that they aren’t here with us (or, us there with them) and i cannot even begin to say how i wish we could see them sooner than we plan. but, this being said, when we do~ we will celebrate like we are…well, in Brazil! note to the De Oliveira family: não posso esperar para ser parte da sua família..xox

i could not be a happier lady. i am with the man of my dreams, and he loves me enough to make me a teddy bear in a public place~ and that, my friends, is a pretty awesome thing :) to think we found each other on a lame dating website makes me laugh a lot, and also that we both never saw marriage in our future before we met. but, we changed all of those thoughts and plans we had, and about a month after dating both decided that we wanted to marry each other. almost 2 years later, here we are!


Sidenote: the ring was one that i had fallen in love with and shown to gabriel months ago, and secretly looked at on a daily basis. the jeweler is from Ontario, and i think she is a genius. she uses canadian diamonds, and mine has a beautiful champagne diamond in the center. please visit her website or etsy and give her some love, because i know i love what she has made for me. find her here.

okay, okay, i know this was a long one, but i hope you all had a great weekend.

if any of you ever wake up to a bear on your dresser, just remember it could mean 1 of 2 things: marriage or robbers.

lucky for me i got the marriage one   :)

to gabriel: thank you for this amazing gift, and for being you. i love you very much and can’t wait to get old with you!

michael makes her move

‘ello, ‘ello kittens.

i had a lurve-ly day off today , that i have been anticipating for quite some time because i had a hair appointment with my fave lady, sarah white from lush & lavish. and, it gets even better~ i went back to my blonde locks!!!!!!! sounds insane that i was so excited about this glorious day, but as you could tell from my past pics/posts…. i was overdue for a change.

the sally jesse raphael days are over, friends!!!!!!! ( well, at least until i get bored agan and decide to go back to being a redhead.)

so, that being ridiculously exciting enough as it was~ sarah is the bombest seniorita on earth, (and if you need a stylist in toronto, please go and see her)~ i got a wicked amazing piece of mail from NS today!!!!!





















so, my girl charley young, an amazing friend (and pretty awesome person in general) makes art.

she makes really wicked cool, thoughtful, heartfelt art.

and i love her.

she and i shared a lot of amazing memories when i was still living in hali, and i miss those times dearly….. charley has came to toronto to visit us, and still keeps bringin’ the fun to my world on the regular.

charley and i, along with many other awesome friends, used to go dancing in halifax and get crazy buckwild, ~ we deemed these evenings retro nights, as the bar we went to was fully transformed into a haven for retro lovers like us gals.



we dressed in retro clothes, ate gourmet sandwiches and rocked the friggin kazbah on many a night. charley has always had an amazing love (be it a slight obsession) with michael jackson), and recently held the 2nd annual michael jackson tribute party that i was, unfortunately not a part of due to being in another province.

charleys’ love for the man is transferred at times to her art, and after a long winded story, brings me to the mail i got today!!!!!!






an original print from my homie, c-diggity!!!! (that’s what i call her).











i hope you love it like i love her, my new print and my new again blondie locks….. and if you love it a bunch and want one of your very own MMMM prints, holla at a girl and i’ll hook you up.



love you, ‘diggs!!!!!