DIY sunday, out of boredom

what´s going on, people?

today is a beautiful and amazingly lovely, 20-something degree sunday. and, for some crazy reason i decide i need to power clean the house. (well, it was definitely necessary, don´t get me wrong)

so, after the washroom, kitchen and bedroom, tending to the plants, and 3 loads of laundry and re-arranging furniture. purging clothes and unused crap throughout the place i decide to make a sewing machine cover for my beast. Truthfully, i don´t sew nearly as much as i used to since i moved here, and i really wanted an actual workspace~ ready to go, so that my machine is always there and with that thought, it needs to look nice. Cuz it´s in our livingroom.

so, i found a cute lil´ DIY here, and on i go. Here´s how mine looks now:










Also here are some window ledge succulent pics, just for fun.









Happy sunday. i´m hoping for a long walk to the park later, maybe to see the little zoo animals nearby, and some ice cream. EEEP!!!!







simple DIY birdcage veil

hey ya’ll…. just thought i would share a lil’ bit of wedding related stuff with you, as i am slaving over it all day at work and then home to keep slaving to make things for my own.

I still haven’t decided yet if i will wear a veil on the wedding day or not, so i decided to make my own simple birdcage veil, via the dapper bun blog. time in total to make: 20 minutes! because i’m still not sure i will wear it, i didn’t want to put too much time/and or effort into decorating it fully yet. i was so happy with how easy it was! and, i also read a few times that most people take theirs to their stylist and have them pin it accordingly, so it doesn’t look as big and wild once you get it on. YAY! my stylist rules, so i am not worried in the slightest.

so, here are a few pics of the result, without any feathers or detailing where the comb is, just the satin wrap to disguise it.


and there you are. the complete DIY tutorial is over at the dapper bun, so check it out if you want to make yerself a veil.

also, note that my hair is pulled back, and won’t be styled like this for the wedding, so i think it will look a lot cooler with the right look.

happy whatever day of the week it is today! (i’m not stressed at all, i swear)

just broochin’ on a monday

well, today had a pretty huge “to-do” list, but i managed to ignore it and make a few brooches for some special people. i haven’t whipped up any in a long time, unless we needed ribbon roses for work. but, breaking out my spring jackets (finallllllly!) has made me realize i need to up my ante a little bit.

and, share the love. the fushia rosette is made from just a simple satin ribbon, and button from the button jar with felt backing and clasp. i think i may need to add some other bit of something to make it not so plainy-janey. the other is made of some scrap fabric that had NYC landscapes on it that my mom sent me to use up, and a gold embossed button from an old sweater, also with felt backing and clasp. i decided to vary from my usual and make this one a bit different, and i think i’m diggin it. (next one will be for me!)

so, now i will put the finishing touches on them and get them ready for mailing.

the rest of the afternoon, or what’s left will involve  dishes, banking, cooking dinner and making the bed……

i’m never usually a procrastinator with many things, but days off tend to make me want to do whatever the heck i want whenever i want! those dishes won’t take away all my fun, damnit!!!!

happy monday, i hope you don’t have an ugly to-do list and are at work instead. this week will be MAYHEM as it’s Mothers’ Day, and we all know how fun that is for florists like me.but, please order lots of mama flowers so they can feel special on their 1 day they have!

or, make them a brooch!

luggage love.

i LOVE this old re styled suitcase made into a coffee table(or, with longer legs could be an end table as well) from ashley poskin of @dingaling vntg, featured on design*sponge.

this lucky beaut will be my next project, once i find a perfect ratty old suitcase to fit the part. i’ve seen a couple on the side of the road lately and always wanted to grab ’em up and didn’t, fearing gabe will make me give them back to the sidewalks. ( i think i scare him sometimes, honestly).

now, i can justify  my projects with lovely DIY posts such as this one.

are you gonna try this on for size?


got my chevron on, ya’ll

so i didn’t stop with the chairs.

i decided my hand me down step stool that i need to reach the cupboards in the kitchen was a tad dull. (thanks amy!!!) so, after getting this freebie from amina, i decided to chevron it up. i was going to try and see if i could borrow a bee dazzler from someone ( lynn…???) but opted for some simple paint instead. here’s the result:

step uno: painter's tape

so, i taped this bad boy all up, and got ready to paint it blaaaaaaack.


step 2, do it

and, after much anticipation:


who's that girl?

and on a  P.S note, we also saw the FRIGGIN POSSUM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the good hell he was doing awake at 9:45 this morning is beyond me, if he is supposed to be a night hawk. creepy little bugger was running mad in our back yard like a freaking piglet! then, i made gabe come and watch him with me from inside our back door, and get the camera so i could catch him in action… but i missed it. gabe went to go do his laundry, and i got caught up in my chevron-ing, and who the HECK is at our back door 20 minutes later??? MISTER CREEPY POSSUM who can’t fit through the gate between the garage cause he’s so chubby.


anyway, my stool looks cute! now all i need to do is give her a clear coat of shiny gloss and i can climb ANY MOUNTAIN!

(maybe). or maybe just be able to reach the chips on the top shelf.


sunday is for DIY-ing

so, today i decided to get something done i’ve been wanting to do for some time:

dining room chair re-style!!!! ( they’re gabes… he he he)


so, some el cheapo value village fabric ( former Ikea curtain) for under 10 dolla bills, and some staples and foam? LOOOOOKA LOOKA THESE BEAUTS!




now wait’ll you see this!!!


result: AWESOME!

was gabriel thrilled? meh ~ he doesn’t protest to much. as long as i let him watch silly UFC fights without whining at him, he lets me destroy his stuff. what’s fair is fair.



creepy… or AWESOME?

this might be my weekend DIY project, pending i can find some baby arms and legs.

if you think it’s weird, that’s okay… i do too, but cool weird. i know mary lynn cullen will agree. maybe i’ll make 2~one for me, one for mlc.

she like’s creepy cool shit like this. anyways, i think i’ll make an attempt. and, i’ll make sure to document the process along the way!!

check it out:


aussie love.

this post will be very brief, as i am fighting a losing battle: i have the worst hangover i’ve had since ’09 Halloween. we had our aussie friends over for dinner, drinks and some board games last night and evidently i did quite well in the drinks department. it was great to have friends over in our new space! however,  i just managed to get myself out of bed at noon. NOON!

anwho, thanks ann+rys for coming and for humoring a drunken lady :) and, for being good at “train of thought”!

this is a blog i stumbled upon today (no pun intended) and thought it is AH MAZHE ING! it’s a girl named kellie from sydney, australia  and it has some really fresh and cute ideas, restyles and tid bits. it’s called ada and darcy.

check her out here:

Enjoy kiddies!


holy the coolest DIY projects ever in one amazing blog

well, i’m sure you have all heard of design*sponge, as did i, but i never really checked out their blog until today.

#1 badass do-it-yourself blog i have seen to date. SO MANY freaking ideas it made my head spin out of control.

i feel like i could sit at home crafting things for the rest of all eternity after seeing this.

i have a lot of work to do.

ann~ you’re going to love this. it’s almost as cool as the makeover site you stumbled upon!!!!


t shirt necklace

well, i tried out the pretty penny’s t-shirt necklace for myself….very easy, she wasn’t lying about that part.

i used a womens cotton t from H&M that had a zebra on it, so mine has some black contrast on the white cotton mixed throughout.

i was thinking the ideal t would be American Apparel’s pillowcase long tanks……because they are long, so you could make it a super long/stringy necklace AND they come in wickedawesome colors to boot.

anyways, i think i’ll have to try it one more time to achieve a better outcome.