oscars and fish burritos

my girl michelle

so, we all know last night was the Oscars, and we decided to watch with a bit o’ fish. i have wanted to attempt fish burritos for a long time, and last night with so much anticipation, did the deed. thanks to Nadz’s expert Gratti folding skill and precision,  they were very well received.

there is no photo documentation of cette burritos, however, there is of the amazing and very thoughtful Oscar chocolate cakes that my homie Nadia brought without hesitation. we ate them all up,yum yum yum. good job, gurl.


so, we watched half online in english, and 1/4 in Espanol~ until gabe saved the day and saved the most important of the last few category awards. i wanna say a big “hells yes” to my girl natalie portman for her take home for best actress, well deserved~black swan was flippin amazing. she is amazing and i love her. also, mila kunis and her amazing dress. holla! anyways, thanks to nadia, lynn and gabe for a great oscar night 2011. (next year we’ll get cable….!!!!)



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