Come one, come all!

Hi everyone!

For those of you in the Toronto area, (or close to it)  I just wanted to let you know that I am taking part in a Christmas Craft Sale this November, and I would love to see you there! It is taking place at the Emmanuel Howard Park United Church on November 24th, from 10-6pm.

I will have my own table with some pretty Christmas arrangements with fresh greens and florals, and I will have a few fresh wreaths. I have been making some yummy homemade cocoa and hot drinks in jars for cute Christmas gifts, too! Please come and see me if you’re in the neighbourhood and want to check out some great vendors!


Have you started planning any gifts for Christmas yet?

Happy Wednesday!



hi everyone!

Well, it’s fall here in canada, no? Like, holy hellion. serious fall colours are going down out there.

anywho….lots of changes and stuffs going on over here in my world right now. i am currently unemployed with plans in the making of my own, which makes for periods of down time along with periods of so many ideas my brain starts to feel like it’s too full. (it isn’t, just sayin’)

right this very minute i am baking cookies, because i want to and i can. i can’t stop listening to these songs i will share with you. like, non stop.

other than keeping busy doing the things i’m not revealing just yet, i am enjoying the insanely glorious fall colours we are having. isn’t canadian fall the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? and, plus, it’s pumpkin season.

so, i will also share with you some photos vinnie and i took (well, let’s be honest, he took them) in High Park yesterday. I met a new friend named Simon who was really hyper and agreed to have his photo taken…but he didn’t agree to come home with me. (i think he really wanted to, but just didn’t want to make his dad feel bad)

enjoy your week, friends and i promise i will bring everyone up to speed with my life real real soon.

oh yeah, i’m going to eat cookies. the joys of being unemployed.

giving thanks. thanks giving.

hi there readers.

are there more of you? my stats as of late are looking pretty sweeeeeet. (unless i just have a lot of creepers) Okay. so. it´s thanksgiving weekend. well, for us canadians it is. do you know what that means to a gal??

pumpkin pie.


giving thanks.

so, i will be doing just that. same place as last year, with my ¨canadian – brazilan¨ family in kitchener. we will eat, drink and be merry. (and drink) and, most importantly be thankful for our families, good fortune, the food we eat, a place to call home and our amazing friends. and, because i can´t be with my blood legit family (mom, dad, sisters) being with my sweet sweet man and some crazy brazilians is going to be just perfect.

plus, there will be pie.

so, anyway. i´m sure most of us don´t really take the time to recognise through the year just how thankful we should be ~ i´m telling you, even though things have been a bit crazy and a lot confusing lately, i sure know i have so much to be thankful for. i am trying to let the ones out there who are part of the thankful-ness know a bit more, because they truly make me a pretty lucky gal.

so, that being said, whatever it is that you all get up to (canadians will be eating, drinking and thank-ing) please remember to give a big squeeze to the ones who helped contribute to who you are, and note the things that you have to be thankful for.

and, please eat lots of pie. are there any people out there who don´t like pumpkin pie? If so, i am sorry for your loss of tastebuds. because, pumpkin anything pretty much makes me thankful for life. and, i carved and hollowed and foamed like 30 pumpkins in the last two days, and made about 20 pumpkin floral arrangements. and i still love them even after that.


Happy thanksgiving and weekend to all, and to all a good night.

a little NYC.

hi everyone,

things here are moving real fast as of late. G and i are all moved into our new lil´ place and loving it, but also DYING from the heat and how incredibly hot it is up in here. we just got back from our weekend in New York, and found out that Gabriel´s baby brother Vinicius is coming to Canada very soon~Tuesday to be exact! (there will be a welcome to Canada baked good of sorts for his arrival on my list of to-do´s)

So, with that being said, we have a helluvalot of loose ends and painting/cleaning/organizing to get to before he comes. We also want to visit some friends that have missed out on our company over the last few weeks in Kitchener. (I am looking forward to a drunken night of debauchery, let me tell you)

So, anyways. Things are good and great and hot and oh my. I got attacked by a pigeon today (for real, it happened) and after that had an acupuncture appointment where i told my lady to go heavy on the needles after this whacko day.

So, New York, New York. We did a whole lotta stuff in the 2.5 days we were there. Mostly eating and food related, but all the same it was great. I will say that never again will i decide to go during an extreme heat wave that is worse than what is going down here in T. dot O right now. We literally had moments where we almost barfed/and or fainted from the crazy insaneo heat. (Especially in the subway stations). While i loved it, and we had a great time, I started to realize how much i appreciate this city, and how much ¨slower¨ it really is here in relation to the city that never sleeps. It was like the greatest level of over stimuli that i have ever witnessed in my whole life (which is obvi not the best comparison considering i rarely travel)..but still. SO much to do and see and look at and be around and watch out for and take photos of and try and know where you are going,… luckily, my husband is a rockstar and was 100% on top of all of those things, getting us around via subways (like, how confusing are the MF subways there, srsly?) Thanks, Gabriel. You are awesome. So, to name a few of the things we did (i mean ate) are: Central Park, a Hudson River bout tour where we went under the Brooklyn Bridge and saw the city from both sides and Miss Lady Liberty, Greenwich Village, Soho, 5th Avenue, the Chelsea Market, the Flower District,Madison Avenue, Times Square, Chelsea, lower East side, and on and on. We ate at the Shake Shack, Big Gay Ice Cram Shop, (complete with man in drag entertaining us in the street for our 30 person deep lineup) Kat´s Delicatessen (where Harry met Sally), Le Pain Quotidien, and lastly but most importantly, Magnolia Bakery. We also walked along the High Line, which was totally amazing and  worth the sweat and parchment.

Here are a few pics for you to chew on, and with that i bid you farewell for le nuit.






Happy Thursday!!!!




holy crazy.

hi everyone,

just a quick note between packing to say that things around these parts are a wee bit bananas as of late. Toronto´s weather has been preeeeeeeeeeeetttty balmy, and record-breaking most days. So, needless to say ma hair is a poufball of frizzy fluff, but on the plus side she´s growin´ nice and long and if i can just make it through the worstest heat then i´ll have my long locks again!

Soooooo, this week i got to see my lil´ niece Olivia, who is growing like a mad baby, and is almost 1 whole year old! Gabe and I were so glad to have her here with us while M&K got to go see Coldplay. (jealous)

Although she was pretty terrified when they first rolled in, it being so long since she´s seen us and been to our place. Of all times to come, 5x days before we move so our apartment is like a nut house, and very yucky and messy as well. Anyway, we enjoyed seeing her crawl around and act crazy, and just be plain old cute.

Gabe and I have been slowly moving all of our stuff the last week to our new home, and we will be all moved in this sunday and ready to live in the new diggs. (pics to follow). We also booked a little weekend trip to New York, and i know it may be a bit silly to any of you, but for me it´s kinda like a dream come true to finally be going.


I´ve lived my dream new york life for as long as Sex and the City had me mesmerized by it´s beauty and wonder. i imagined myself going there, being so awe-stricken, and living there and being the ¨girl about town¨”(okay, i dreamed i was Carried Bradshaw, so what?) and i just can´t stop thinking about finally getting to meet my dream-friend, New York New York. Gabriel has been before, and is obviously used to massive cities and craziness (as Sao Paulo´s population is like 22 million people) so he is pretty zen about the whole thing, so i haven´t been geeking out to him too much. But, i will tell you that i am internally geeking out almost hourly. like, i want to jump up and down and run around screaming i´m that excited. So, when i get back and post pictures and i look all, ¨too cool, NBD New York¨ you will all know it´s totally a front.

i´m also going out dancing with some girlfriends on the weekend,and i´m very excited to just let loose and go wild, and ¨tear a hole in the dancefloor¨ as my good friend Charley Young used to say. I´m ready to put all of the things Beyonce teaches me to good use this weekend. PAH!

Also, in current news, gabe´s baby brother Vinnie is interested in moving to Canada to learn English, and we are just awaiting his replies from all of the big guys and hopefully he will be coming soon to join us! I´m really excited to meet someone in my new family, and hoping he will help me with my shitty Portuguese in return for teaching him about poutine and other insanely Canadian necessities. Because who the heck doesn´t enjoy a good poutine every now and then?

So, in closing (i kindof love saying that) things are hot hot hot and moving so fast in my little world right now. i have a lot of things that i need to accomplish and am going to start some new projects that i´ll make sure i share with you in the next few months.

For now, happy hot Thursday and i hope everyone is eating lots of ice cream. Side note: I NEED S´MORES. this has been a need for like 3 weeks and I haven´t fulfilled it yet.

weighty issues.

hi everyone,

*warning* this post will probably end up being more of a rant than an actual light-hearted post. (so, if you´re expecting niceness today, it´s not where i´m at right now)

So last night i was quickly reading through some new posts over at Hello Giggles (and if you don´t already know them, you need to) and stumbled upon this post:

The Fat-Shaming of Kate Upton; or Why I’ll Never Buy The Difference Between “Thinspiration” And “Pro-Ana” Websites

So, the article written by Hello Giggles, as always, was legit and clearly had strong issues to discuss regarding other websites supporting anorexia and other eating disorders, and for me mental illnesses as well. The one that seriously got me in the gut (no pun intended) was a website called Skinny Gossip. 

This is the website that was one of the main reasons for the article in the first place, starting with the fat-shaming of Kate Upton, a 20 year old Victoria Secret Model, who apparently according to the ¨genius¨ behind SG is called a cow, a piggie, and many other demeaning terms due to what she felt was a weight gain.

So, all of this commotion caused me to take a good hour reading the SG blog, and all of the incredibly intelligent (yeah, right) journalism  she (assuming she, as the writer is anonymous) produces. But, as disturbing as this person´s views on overweight women are, the words and comments, and forums that were created by the writer for readers to discuss the posts were far more offensive than most things I may have ever read. There were so many readers supporting the thoughts and posts that Miss Skinny Gossip loves to write about, all of them concluding that overweight women are disgusting, uneducated, trashy,lazy, embarrassing and unhealthy, and certainly not deserving of being a hot tamale and Victoria Secret model like Kate Upton.

And that was where I started to rationalise why and how I felt about being someone who does carry more weight than I know I should, and about the way I feel and have felt about women, and judging. Don´t get me wrong, anyone who knows me knows I have judged in the past, and we all do it. I don´t however, have an aggressive hate and disgust for any other group of people, whether it be people with freckles, skinny girls, or people with big feet. Also, knowing that there are millions of people (the readers of cette blog) that exist who went on to write so many hateful comments throughout the blogs content made me realise that NO WONDER THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD. It took me 6 months to get the balls to attend a fucking yoga class out of fear of other peoples judgement and my weight, and my own insecurities. 6 whole months of wanting to do something and not doing it because i was scared that people would think all of the things about me that the readers had written about fat girls.

and finally, i did go and loved it, but let me tell you, it took a lot of personal strength to stop JUDGING MY SELF, and others, in order to try and do something about being a  bit overweight in the first place. and, try to tell myself that even if people were looking at me in disgust, or laughing at me, or wondering if i´d make it through the class, i was doing it for myself.

after reading the blog i seriously didn´t know whether to cry or to be angry, or defeated, or both. I do understand and support that being overweight is obviously not healthy, but i don´t necessarily think that just because people are proud of who they are and happy at the size they weigh in at that they should be deemed as supporting ¨fat pride¨ . ( Another post titled ¨fat pride burns my hide¨)  And, the idea that plus-sized models are disgusting and not role models for young women. Do these people strictly only associate themselves with persons that are 125lbs and under? do they have not one person close to them that is a bit overweight or struggling with weight issues? well, in conclusion to this rant,( as i have to do because otherwise you´d be here reading for weeks) my advice for all of the colorful readers and active members of SG, and all other sick, disturbing, sociopath websites creating fucked up demented ways of thinking about weight and body issues::

It´s not easy feeling like you want to be something you´re not. and while you have the tools and means to make yourself something better~(if better equals skinny)  it does take time, patience, and a whole lot of POSITIVE ENERGY to get there, and become what everyone in the world wants you to be. And, if all of the skinny/fit/averaged sized people i know had the same horrible attitudes and thoughts as you, well i guess i might rather surround myself with the worlds Kate Uptons because I sure as shit would hope we would be able to treat people like HUMAN BEINGS and not animals.Also, teaching people that eating disorders and ¨thinsporational boards¨ and doing crazy fad diets and ruining their bodies is by no means a positive way to talk about being healthy.

Again, I could go on and on on my thoughts and views about these big topics (punning again) and how i´m not just all in shitting all over this particular group of people, it really does go beyond that. I just truly know what it is like to be on both sides (not that I was ever ¨skinny”so to speak) and that people should be happy with who they are, fat, skinny, freckled or with love handles.

That´s all for my rant today. thanks for listening.

just be nice.

Hi everyone,

(source)  (via Vanagon Champion)

today was a bit of a gong show. (and i despise gong shows)

okay, well a lot of a gong show. Many things contribute to cette gong show, but work was bananas, and Gabe and I received our eviction notice over the weekend to move out of our love nest, along with the other tenants in our building. needless to say, we knew it was coming, but are still in full- on move out/find a new apartment/ irritated-at-our-situation mode.

so that is that.

Then i just finished a late dinner and happened to peruse Amy´s blog, (i love it, and read it regularly because she´s awesome. so should you) and saw this gem, to sum up how i feel about people in this world, in general, today.

Hope you aren´t being one of these lately. ´ cause that sucks. and, if you are nice to people, just a little bit, then they are usually nice back, no???

I want this print to frame in my house. or, to make wallpaper out of. to go everywhere in my house.

Happy Tuesday night!

Peeee ~ Ess, i really hope every one of you watched Weeds new and last ever only season that aired Sunday. Ma homegirl Nancy Botwin is back, bitches!!!!!!


Hi everyone!

I hope all of my Canadian peps are enjoying an amazingly beautiful Canada Day long weekend. I haven´t blogged in forever, no? Honestly!


Canada is 145 years old today! YEOWZA! i am off to deliver a wedding in a few hours on a rooftop overlooking the water. the last time i did this i got serious sunstroke, so as its 35 degrees here lately i´m slathering on the SPF 70, and gettin´ it done so i can come home and celebrate being a Canucks with my hubs and have some drinks with friends.

Gabe was gone all week so i was hanging solo by my lonesome, so needless to say i watched a lot of WEEDS, in preparation for the FINAL SEASON EVER!!!!! (airing tonight) Now, that´s a way to celebrate being 145!

Well, ya´ll, sorry I´ve been so MIA, but life is weird and things are crazy.(Sidenote: the crazy awful things happening in Canada as of late, and even the world lately are leaving me with so much to think about and my mind just seems full of so much noise~ thus creating really bad posts if i were to give you some) Let´s try and have some really amazing and positive things in the news in this country!! After all, that is what Canada is all about, and in the end I couldn´t be more happy to be here and be me.

Happy Canada Day!


SATC and Father´s Day

hey everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday, and all you Daddy´s  are having a Happy Father´s Day! so far i´ve had breakfast here with my Aunt and Uncle who are here in T.O visiting my cousin, went to the Italian Street Festival in Little Italy with a bunch of Brazilians, then we came home and got some much needed housecleaning done, i chatted with my bestie, i chatted with my Papa and watched a lot of sex and the City.

no complaints here! i also got to give myself a lovely manicure after a week of naked nails ~ best feeling on earth.

so, overall a pretty uneventful weekend but enjoyable nonetheless. i was hoping to make some yummy cupcakes but this heat has done nothing but turn me off of turning on my oven.

so, Happy Father´s Day to my awesome dad Ross (everyone calls him Butch)  you are the bestest dad ever and i love you lots!!!! (i´m sure mom will show you this post)

so, with that i´ll return to my girls: carrie, miranda, samantha and charlotte. (gotta love box sets)