giving thanks. thanks giving.

hi there readers.

are there more of you? my stats as of late are looking pretty sweeeeeet. (unless i just have a lot of creepers) Okay. so. it´s thanksgiving weekend. well, for us canadians it is. do you know what that means to a gal??

pumpkin pie.


giving thanks.

so, i will be doing just that. same place as last year, with my ¨canadian – brazilan¨ family in kitchener. we will eat, drink and be merry. (and drink) and, most importantly be thankful for our families, good fortune, the food we eat, a place to call home and our amazing friends. and, because i can´t be with my blood legit family (mom, dad, sisters) being with my sweet sweet man and some crazy brazilians is going to be just perfect.

plus, there will be pie.

so, anyway. i´m sure most of us don´t really take the time to recognise through the year just how thankful we should be ~ i´m telling you, even though things have been a bit crazy and a lot confusing lately, i sure know i have so much to be thankful for. i am trying to let the ones out there who are part of the thankful-ness know a bit more, because they truly make me a pretty lucky gal.

so, that being said, whatever it is that you all get up to (canadians will be eating, drinking and thank-ing) please remember to give a big squeeze to the ones who helped contribute to who you are, and note the things that you have to be thankful for.

and, please eat lots of pie. are there any people out there who don´t like pumpkin pie? If so, i am sorry for your loss of tastebuds. because, pumpkin anything pretty much makes me thankful for life. and, i carved and hollowed and foamed like 30 pumpkins in the last two days, and made about 20 pumpkin floral arrangements. and i still love them even after that.


Happy thanksgiving and weekend to all, and to all a good night.