pretty shiny sparkly.

hi everyone!

i just wanted to drop a line and give a shout out to ma huzband G.

One year ago today I woke up (sick with a cold and sad after an awful week)  and to a strange teddy bear with glasses dressed in a tuxedo sitting on my dresser.  I was confused and pissed that someone perhaps broke into our apartment and left a bear there~ who does that????

then, as i gathered myself and took a closer look I saw it. Sitting in its´ signature box, on the strange bears´ lap.
my very own Kate Szabone ring.   G then asked me to press the bear´s foot, and out comes a voice-recorded Brazilian accent asking me to marry him.

One year ago today. And, shortly after this day in August 2011 we headed down to City Hall and got the darn thing done. (That´s a whole different day  we will celebrate a year passing!)

So, to my husband: Thanks for buying me the most perfect, beautiful, amazingly-lovely,  pretty shiny sparkly in all the land and for asking me to get hitched. You´re pretty gosh darn great, Mister De Oliveira.

That being said : I wish you all a happy Tuesday night, and another shout out to my bestie Melissa who had an amazing birthday yesterday. you my girl. xo