lacy lazy sunday dress

well, i caved and decided to do an outfit post. i got a new adorable dress i was dying to wear, and as gabe and i were out on the town enjoying our sunday, i thought,”this dress deserves a post gosh darnit”.

and, here we are.


this is (unfortunately) not our car, it is that of someone who lives in our building,…but i want it. i would paint it cherry red and cruise around with the windows down. and pump ace of base or something.   aaaaaaaaannnywho~ we started out our lazy sunday at easy for breakfast, and then we headed to The Beaches to walk the boardwalk. we got to see lots of dogs, babies and even some beautiful swans eating some breakfast too!

then we strolled the Beaches ‘hood and i got my new shoes! so comfortable, and a much needed treatsa for my feetsa!

when we got home i decided to pair them with my lace dress and my fave cream cardi.   yippppeeee!


  (dress: forever 21, shoes: ecco, cardigan: H&M, glasses: harry larry )

and, after just lazing around for the rest of our day, gabe is making brazilian beans and i am off to have a DIY mani pedi. i am in much need of a polish change, and that’s what sundays are for, right? happy happy sunday.. hope you like my very first ever outfit post.