moss garffiti = amazheballs.

Why hello there, ya´ll!

I´m sorry i´ve been  o MIA as of late ( is this is beginning to sound a bit too familiar ??). There are a lot of big changes happening around these parts and things are pretty chaotic. ( Also, it seems way too often that I type this)

So, anyway….I´m taking some time while my boys are out watching  futeball  soccer to peruse the internets. Luckily so, as I just came across one of , if not THE coolest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon.

MOSS FLIPPIN´ GRAFFITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

so, I am currently holding every ounce of my self back from running to the kitchen to bust out my blender and whip up a good ol´ batch of moss to grow and paint in pretty font onto some kind of surface. Every surface. Walls. Ceilings. Everything.

So, I saw this first on Pinterest, and then I followed up here to find out the mastermind behind this genius idea. The directions I  found here , a very cool website to check out, if you don´t already know it!

So, I haven´t tried this super turbo amazing project as of yet, but let me tell you all something: the minute I get some time, along with some buttermilk, moss and a paintbrush~ believe you me I am paintin´ me up some moss graffiti. No jokes.

Okay, so I hope you all love this as much as I do, and in the meantime I also hope you have a great Wednesday night. I have had entirely way too much cool for tonight, so I am off to bed.

See you on the flipside, homies.