Remembering and Blush and Bloom.

Hi everyone.

first off, it is Remembrance Day. I always make sure to take time and remember all of the ways in which we are able to live the way we do because of our grandparents, parents and soldiers of todays’ sacrifices. I feel like this is so important, and without them we would be living completely different lives than the ones we live today. I can’t possibly imagine the things and situations they had to witness and endure in order for us to be here today, and for those things I am forever grateful.

In other things, most of you who know me know I am in the midst of starting my own floral studio. After many years of humming and hawing, and being scared I came to a place in my life where I need to force myself to do it. Chase what I’ve always wanted and to try my best not to be scared. And, to lie and say ‘m not scared would be just that. Lying. So, I am scared…but I need to tell myself that being scared can be exciting, and it can most certainly be okay. I know the hard work I’m facing,and I have never beenmore ready to dive in, feet first and create something that is truly mine.


I have been so fortunate in the process so far with the help I have received from friends,family,husband and brother-in-law. The support and kind words these people have been giving me is one of the things that makes me believe that I CAN DO THIS. I hope I have always given them and continue to give them the same support when they need it from me in the past, and years to come.

With that being said, Blush and Bloom is going to be my baby. My project. My passion, and my life.  As this happens, this little blog will eventually be no longer and I will blog over on about pretty flowers and lovely things. ( I’m not linking to the page as it is still being built, but should be ready in the next week or so!)

I hope you’ll all be along for the ride, and I look forward to my new steps and growing my new little seed. If you need to find more about me, and Blush and Bloom Flower Studio you can follow/find here:

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