hi everyone!

Well, it’s fall here in canada, no? Like, holy hellion. serious fall colours are going down out there.

anywho….lots of changes and stuffs going on over here in my world right now. i am currently unemployed with plans in the making of my own, which makes for periods of down time along with periods of so many ideas my brain starts to feel like it’s too full. (it isn’t, just sayin’)

right this very minute i am baking cookies, because i want to and i can. i can’t stop listening to these songs i will share with you. like, non stop.

other than keeping busy doing the things i’m not revealing just yet, i am enjoying the insanely glorious fall colours we are having. isn’t canadian fall the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? and, plus, it’s pumpkin season.

so, i will also share with you some photos vinnie and i took (well, let’s be honest, he took them) in High Park yesterday. I met a new friend named Simon who was really hyper and agreed to have his photo taken…but he didn’t agree to come home with me. (i think he really wanted to, but just didn’t want to make his dad feel bad)

enjoy your week, friends and i promise i will bring everyone up to speed with my life real real soon.

oh yeah, i’m going to eat cookies. the joys of being unemployed.



so, most of you who know me well enough know that i have a major shark phobia.

i have no idea how or when this developed, because as a kid i was always near water swimming or even fishing with my dad and never remember having this  intense fear of them.we live on the bay of fundy for god’s sake.

maybe it’s the combination of the shark, and the unknown of the water~ and the two fears together are like a giant fear powerhouse?!!!

aaaanyway, i am headed to antigua in one week for my friend ashley’s wedding, and of course not ever being on a sunny vacation (or ever being anywhere outside of canada)  i had to scope the shark scene there prior to me arriving.

the word is, there are VERY few, if any shark attacks in the carribean. i have been checking several blogs and website, just to make sure those statistics are accurate. … it’s lookin’ good.


i was pretty scared to see the results for a minute. google can be a scary thing when it comes to getting the answers.

so, there will be none of this

and lots of this!!!!!!

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...


and for the first time ever a frangipani!!!!!!!!!!!


i’ll be swimming safely in the carribean.

thank heavens.