And, so. Off we go.

Well, everyone. I haven’t quite got myself organized enough to merge this blog with my website blog yet, and I’ve been watching and there are people out there who are still viewing! So. I thought, if that was the case I better write one more post as we jet set off to Brazil tomorrow.

Also, I am 30 now.


Yes. I said it. admitted it even.

So, that is all we will say about that topic. This week was spent finishing up my seasonal job and running around getting hair done, nails done everything did. (Thanks, Drake) Last night we had dinner with some dear friends, as our wedding venue Caju is closing after 10 years in business. It was amazing food and service as always, and we are truly sad to see them closing their doors, but excited to see what they do next!

So, what a load of thoughts running through my mind right now. We watched an episode of The Layover, with Anthony Bourdain ( click Here ) and it somehow made me feel a bit less terrified of G’s city. It also was one of the things that made me realize that this is a huge and incredible experience and being scared of things I don’t know, or a lifestyle I know nothing about is kindof a bit silly. Isn’t it?

We fear things we don’t know, and I am afraid of a lot of things. I imagined myself to be a lot more wound up and stressed out, anxious and all of the other things I usually exhibit when I am freaking out. But, truth be told, this over-organizer leaves in 24 hours and doesn’t have her luggage fully ready yet.

This is crazy, because if any of you now the real me, I would typically be packed and organized and outfits planned, everything done weeks ago. But, I feel like I have almost surrendered a bit to myself, and realized that kind of over planning does tend to get a bit exhausting after so many years. It also helps that I married the King of Laid-back personalities.

So, as I get ready to go get a mani-pedi, and look outside to see snow in Toronto and the high winds that woke me up this morning, I can’t help but laugh at how crazy it is that a small town girl from Truro, NS married a Brazilian, and now is my time to be shocked shitless by a culture that I’ve only grown to be part of but now I’m jumping into feet first. Who’da thunk it? And, also to be for the first time ever, in another country for Christmas, without snow and bundling up, winter coats and scarves. To be digging to the back of my closet for my summer dresses, and buying 85 proof sunblock in December.

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and see lots of things and above all, eat everything I can possibly eat. Oh, and I may bring back a tattoo or so :)

Happy Holidays!!!!!




it’s official

so, ladies and germs…… i am officially now a member of the  de Oliveira family! AND, no longer get to tick the “single” box on tax forms.


we had our small lil’ wedding Saturday, November 12th  at 5:30, at Toronto City Hall. it was only a 20 minute non-religious ceremony, and it was exactly what we had wanted. Small and intimate, and to the point. (i think gabe might have cried, but don’t tell anyone).

we headed to a Brazilian restaurant afterward~ Caju, and ate and drank like kings and queens. our food was absolutely perfect, and it was really cool to get to eat the traditional brazilian foods with all of our guests. a few of them were from brazil, and we could tell they were so happy to have real food like when they were back home.

it was lovely to have friends and family with us and here to celebrate. we both wanted gabriel’s family to be able to be here, but sometimes you can’t have it all.

we did skype with them on the morning of the wedding, so they could see us all dressed up. they are so adorable~ his parents had his grandparents, his brothers and aunts, uncles and cousins over to be able to see us and talk with him. it was hard not to get emotional seeing them through a screen, and knowing their oldest son was getting married in another country… they are so proud, and so excited for us. and, speaking of which, my parents made the trek from ‘Scotia and stayed with us for 5 days. it was great having them, and my sister here in toronto. i was so so so happy to see them~ it had almost been a year since we were last together.

my friend charley, and christine and fabien also made the trip from scotia, and it was so so so amazing to be able to see them. i am so glad everyone was able to make it.also, my bestie mel stood by me as my witness, and brought my lil’ new baby niece Olivia who is barely 2 months old! i love them so much. gabe’s friend (and mine), and our last housemate hein stood as gabe’s witness. he is an awesome guy and a great friend to us both. yay for awesome friends! my dear friend nadia poured blood, sweat and tears into a badass car sign for us, that we have hanging over our mantle and will keep forever! it looked so sweet tied with ribbons to the ol`cruiser as we pulled away…. le sigh!

my hairdresser, sarah is the bomb dot com, and made me a sweet pinup-ish style ‘do.. and also helped with my mom and sisters hair. it looked purrrfect! you rock, misses!

Our flowers, a gift from my awesome bosses, were amazhe~ to be expected! (for all of you who didn’t hear already, pink twig got the BEST flower shop in toronto voted by the public in NOW magazine)… i still have my bridal bouquet in our apartment and it looks like heaven.i can’t wait to see the shots the photographers took of the fleurs !!!! EEEK!

so, to conclude~ we took a lot of photos, and when we get them i will be posting previews :)

thanks to all of our friends and family here and away for being a part of, and helping us make our wedding kick ass.

AND also, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and congrats~ we had so much fun and are so happy to be Mr. and Mrs.

happy evening!