And, so. Off we go.

Well, everyone. I haven’t quite got myself organized enough to merge this blog with my website blog yet, and I’ve been watching and there are people out there who are still viewing! So. I thought, if that was the case I better write one more post as we jet set off to Brazil tomorrow.

Also, I am 30 now.


Yes. I said it. admitted it even.

So, that is all we will say about that topic. This week was spent finishing up my seasonal job and running around getting hair done, nails done everything did. (Thanks, Drake) Last night we had dinner with some dear friends, as our wedding venue Caju is closing after 10 years in business. It was amazing food and service as always, and we are truly sad to see them closing their doors, but excited to see what they do next!

So, what a load of thoughts running through my mind right now. We watched an episode of The Layover, with Anthony Bourdain ( click Here ) and it somehow made me feel a bit less terrified of G’s city. It also was one of the things that made me realize that this is a huge and incredible experience and being scared of things I don’t know, or a lifestyle I know nothing about is kindof a bit silly. Isn’t it?

We fear things we don’t know, and I am afraid of a lot of things. I imagined myself to be a lot more wound up and stressed out, anxious and all of the other things I usually exhibit when I am freaking out. But, truth be told, this over-organizer leaves in 24 hours and doesn’t have her luggage fully ready yet.

This is crazy, because if any of you now the real me, I would typically be packed and organized and outfits planned, everything done weeks ago. But, I feel like I have almost surrendered a bit to myself, and realized that kind of over planning does tend to get a bit exhausting after so many years. It also helps that I married the King of Laid-back personalities.

So, as I get ready to go get a mani-pedi, and look outside to see snow in Toronto and the high winds that woke me up this morning, I can’t help but laugh at how crazy it is that a small town girl from Truro, NS married a Brazilian, and now is my time to be shocked shitless by a culture that I’ve only grown to be part of but now I’m jumping into feet first. Who’da thunk it? And, also to be for the first time ever, in another country for Christmas, without snow and bundling up, winter coats and scarves. To be digging to the back of my closet for my summer dresses, and buying 85 proof sunblock in December.

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and see lots of things and above all, eat everything I can possibly eat. Oh, and I may bring back a tattoo or so :)

Happy Holidays!!!!!





hello, kittens~ happy monday monday to you all.

last week went by pretty quick, as we had almost 10 weddings at le shop, and i ended up getting stuck with a sickatatingly gross cold, so by the time sunday hit i was glad it was over! i am feeling a lot better today, the cold is subsiding, thank god.

i could also be doing better because yesterday someone really awesome put an amazingly lovely and oh-so-perfect ring on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

play by play story here:

i just barely stepped out of bed, (groggy and confused as usual) and noticed a teddy bear on my dressing table that was not there at midnight when i shut my peepers.

me to gabriel:” how come there’s a teddy bear on my dresser that i have never seen before?”

gabriel:”i have no idea, babe. better go look at it.”

me: walking over to it, still confused wondering why someone would break into our house and put a bear on my dresser, see that there is a box on the bear’s lap and i think i know where that box came from……start to get shaky and think, “is this what’s happening right now?”

Gabe: “press his foot, i think it will tell you something as to why it’s here”

teddy bear: ( with Brazilian accent) ” baby, will you marry me?”

me: hysterical crying for the next 15 minutes

so, as you can clearly conclude, we didn’t have teddy bear placing burglars the night before like i had thought! ( i was dreaming about robbers that night) and, that is our silly little story. now i have a teddy bear that gabriel made himself (i didn’t believe him either, but it’s true) that has my proposal to listen to until the battery dies one day! Normally i have issues with adults owning bears, but this one can be an exception to my own rule.

later on that i day i played it again when he wasn’t around and secretly started to tear up all over again~ shhhh!!!

so, that was an amazing start to my sunday. gabe had asked my parents for their permission (blessing?) and they were absolutely thrilled and over the moon~ even though when they got an email from me saying i got something new they thought it was a puppy!( that would be a pretty good sunday wake up gift too, but i am happy with my gems) gabe’s family has known for some time that this was in the works, and i know they are very happy but also kindof sad that they aren’t here with us (or, us there with them) and i cannot even begin to say how i wish we could see them sooner than we plan. but, this being said, when we do~ we will celebrate like we are…well, in Brazil! note to the De Oliveira family: não posso esperar para ser parte da sua família..xox

i could not be a happier lady. i am with the man of my dreams, and he loves me enough to make me a teddy bear in a public place~ and that, my friends, is a pretty awesome thing :) to think we found each other on a lame dating website makes me laugh a lot, and also that we both never saw marriage in our future before we met. but, we changed all of those thoughts and plans we had, and about a month after dating both decided that we wanted to marry each other. almost 2 years later, here we are!


Sidenote: the ring was one that i had fallen in love with and shown to gabriel months ago, and secretly looked at on a daily basis. the jeweler is from Ontario, and i think she is a genius. she uses canadian diamonds, and mine has a beautiful champagne diamond in the center. please visit her website or etsy and give her some love, because i know i love what she has made for me. find her here.

okay, okay, i know this was a long one, but i hope you all had a great weekend.

if any of you ever wake up to a bear on your dresser, just remember it could mean 1 of 2 things: marriage or robbers.

lucky for me i got the marriage one   :)

to gabriel: thank you for this amazing gift, and for being you. i love you very much and can’t wait to get old with you!

chilly willies

last night martha, gabe and i were just sitting around having drinks and talking about my shark fear.

no big deal.

martha’s other half lives in durban ~south africa, and so they have both been traveling back and forth for visits to see eachother… and she is looking to move there! EEP! exciting, right? clearly i know nothing about SA, so i casually ask,” is there man-eating shark infested waters there?”

martha (and gabe chimes in),” um,….. yeah becky. it’s pretty much a massive shark outlet mall.”

i think i may have fainted after that, until we decided to educate me on the top 10 most shark infested beaches on the globe.

the results and exerpts with terrifying tidbits of sheer and utter chilly willies (via

Gansbaai, South Africa (aka “Shark Alley”)

A popular holiday resort and fishing town in South Africa, Gansbaai is also the great white shark capital of the world.

In fact, there are so many of the
famed and notoriously frightening great white sharks in the narrow sea channel between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island (known as Shark Alley), that shark cage diving has become a popular tourist attraction here. Many visitors come to Gansbaai just for the sharks.

Kosi Bay, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa

If you thought great whites were terrifying, think again. Zambezi sharks are not only the most aggressive of all sharks, they also have the ability to swim deep inland by way of lakes and rivers. In fact, not only are these sharks found in plenty in Kosi Bay, they have been spotted swimming as far from the ocean as Ohio up the Mississippi River in the U.S. That’s right, sharks in lakes. And rivers. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

Bolinas, California

Recife, Brazil

Sometimes called the Venice of South America, this seaside town on the Atlantic coast of Brazil has the perfect urban beach with gentle seashore breezes, endless days of sunshine and… Sharks. Lots of them. Since 1992, there have been more than 50 shark attacks, 16 of them fatal, along a 20 kilometer stretch of coast near Recife, Brazil. This makes Recife the most fatal place for shark attacks in the world, where about 1 in every three attacks ends in death. Because of the concentration of the aggressive and dangerous bull sharks here in Brazil, this beach has earned a reputation as the most deadly shark attack spot in the world. Sounds like it might be a better idea to concentrate on your tan here than think about getting in the water.

Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua

Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Reunion Island

West End, Grand Bahamas

Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Located along the shores of the Indian Ocean not far from bull shark-infested Kosi Bay, this picturesque and popular seaside resort town has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. However, these stretches of beautiful beaches are also home to lots of sharks. Aggressive, huge and terrifying great white and bull sharks to be exact. Swimmers here are somewhat protected by a string of fishing nets that keep sharks out, which were installed in 1957 after five swimmers were killed by sharks in just 100 days.

Today, the town is home to the Natal Shark Board, which is a combination museum, headquarters and laboratory studying sharks in the region. In fact, there are so many sharks off this coastline that scientists in Umhlanga have patented a device to be worn by surfers and divers called a Protective Oceanic Device (POD), which supposedly repels sharks and prevents them from attacking. The device works by enveloping the wearer in a 120 volt electrical field, repelling any nearby sharks.

ok. let’s take a recap.

3 out of 10 beaches are where martha is moving, and 1 is in my man’s country.

SICK-A-TATION! i will never sleep again.

martha,… THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.M.G ( i know i say that a lot) but…

this is sheer and utter genius. photo shoots never cease to amaze me. that’s why when i see an amazing one like this, my heart can’t even handle the awesomeness that it possesses. seriously.

(post courtesy of style me pretty texas. )

holy happy cinco de mayo shoot!!!!!


photography by greg blomberg photography and floral by bows and arrows , and both did a crazy amazing deliciously intense, vibrant, STELLAH job of this shoot. for serious. ‘reals.

it made me do more than just want a freakin’ margarita!!!! what about you?

i just can’t get enough of all of these insanely bright colors,… and it all really compliments the inspiration for the shoot so well. major kudos!

wow. i wish Brazil and i were a crazy colorful couple, so much to be able to pull this off…( some people say we are, but i don’t think we could get away with this insanity!!!)

( in my dreams).

anyway, this shoot is such a LUSCIOUS TREAT, no????!!!

i’m off to use the blender now, i feel a sudden urge for that margarita…..

have a good night you silly creatures.

learning Portuguese=not easy

sooooo… i’ve decided that 2011 will force me into learning brazilian portuguese, so that if i ever go to brazil (sorry mom  and dad, its inevitable ) i will be able to at least say “hello” and “i’m great. how are you” to gabe’s friends and family that aren’t english speaking.

i’ve decided that it’s hard and i suck.

he helped me pick out a series of book lessons that go with mp3’s he put on my ipod that are supposed to be some of the best teaching tools out there, and i’ve still decided that i suck.

so far, all that has clicked is:

“vamos a sua casa” = let’s go to your house

“o vinho e bom”= the wine is good

so. that’s what i’mma workin with folks.

boa noite, senhors.


yeah, it's easy for her to say isn't it.