holy crazy.

hi everyone,

just a quick note between packing to say that things around these parts are a wee bit bananas as of late. Toronto´s weather has been preeeeeeeeeeeetttty balmy, and record-breaking most days. So, needless to say ma hair is a poufball of frizzy fluff, but on the plus side she´s growin´ nice and long and if i can just make it through the worstest heat then i´ll have my long locks again!

Soooooo, this week i got to see my lil´ niece Olivia, who is growing like a mad baby, and is almost 1 whole year old! Gabe and I were so glad to have her here with us while M&K got to go see Coldplay. (jealous)

Although she was pretty terrified when they first rolled in, it being so long since she´s seen us and been to our place. Of all times to come, 5x days before we move so our apartment is like a nut house, and very yucky and messy as well. Anyway, we enjoyed seeing her crawl around and act crazy, and just be plain old cute.

Gabe and I have been slowly moving all of our stuff the last week to our new home, and we will be all moved in this sunday and ready to live in the new diggs. (pics to follow). We also booked a little weekend trip to New York, and i know it may be a bit silly to any of you, but for me it´s kinda like a dream come true to finally be going.


I´ve lived my dream new york life for as long as Sex and the City had me mesmerized by it´s beauty and wonder. i imagined myself going there, being so awe-stricken, and living there and being the ¨girl about town¨”(okay, i dreamed i was Carried Bradshaw, so what?) and i just can´t stop thinking about finally getting to meet my dream-friend, New York New York. Gabriel has been before, and is obviously used to massive cities and craziness (as Sao Paulo´s population is like 22 million people) so he is pretty zen about the whole thing, so i haven´t been geeking out to him too much. But, i will tell you that i am internally geeking out almost hourly. like, i want to jump up and down and run around screaming i´m that excited. So, when i get back and post pictures and i look all, ¨too cool, NBD New York¨ you will all know it´s totally a front.

i´m also going out dancing with some girlfriends on the weekend,and i´m very excited to just let loose and go wild, and ¨tear a hole in the dancefloor¨ as my good friend Charley Young used to say. I´m ready to put all of the things Beyonce teaches me to good use this weekend. PAH!

Also, in current news, gabe´s baby brother Vinnie is interested in moving to Canada to learn English, and we are just awaiting his replies from all of the big guys and hopefully he will be coming soon to join us! I´m really excited to meet someone in my new family, and hoping he will help me with my shitty Portuguese in return for teaching him about poutine and other insanely Canadian necessities. Because who the heck doesn´t enjoy a good poutine every now and then?

So, in closing (i kindof love saying that) things are hot hot hot and moving so fast in my little world right now. i have a lot of things that i need to accomplish and am going to start some new projects that i´ll make sure i share with you in the next few months.

For now, happy hot Thursday and i hope everyone is eating lots of ice cream. Side note: I NEED S´MORES. this has been a need for like 3 weeks and I haven´t fulfilled it yet.


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  1. YAAY!!! What a great and special night for you guys. Sleep overs are so much fun seirlusoy they are like the best thing to ever happen to you as a kid. hahaha I am so happy that it worked out perfectly, and that every one seemed to have fun. Way to go O!!!

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