weighty issues.

hi everyone,

*warning* this post will probably end up being more of a rant than an actual light-hearted post. (so, if you´re expecting niceness today, it´s not where i´m at right now)

So last night i was quickly reading through some new posts over at Hello Giggles (and if you don´t already know them, you need to) and stumbled upon this post:

The Fat-Shaming of Kate Upton; or Why I’ll Never Buy The Difference Between “Thinspiration” And “Pro-Ana” Websites

So, the article written by Hello Giggles, as always, was legit and clearly had strong issues to discuss regarding other websites supporting anorexia and other eating disorders, and for me mental illnesses as well. The one that seriously got me in the gut (no pun intended) was a website called Skinny Gossip. 

This is the website that was one of the main reasons for the article in the first place, starting with the fat-shaming of Kate Upton, a 20 year old Victoria Secret Model, who apparently according to the ¨genius¨ behind SG is called a cow, a piggie, and many other demeaning terms due to what she felt was a weight gain.

So, all of this commotion caused me to take a good hour reading the SG blog, and all of the incredibly intelligent (yeah, right) journalism  she (assuming she, as the writer is anonymous) produces. But, as disturbing as this person´s views on overweight women are, the words and comments, and forums that were created by the writer for readers to discuss the posts were far more offensive than most things I may have ever read. There were so many readers supporting the thoughts and posts that Miss Skinny Gossip loves to write about, all of them concluding that overweight women are disgusting, uneducated, trashy,lazy, embarrassing and unhealthy, and certainly not deserving of being a hot tamale and Victoria Secret model like Kate Upton.

And that was where I started to rationalise why and how I felt about being someone who does carry more weight than I know I should, and about the way I feel and have felt about women, and judging. Don´t get me wrong, anyone who knows me knows I have judged in the past, and we all do it. I don´t however, have an aggressive hate and disgust for any other group of people, whether it be people with freckles, skinny girls, or people with big feet. Also, knowing that there are millions of people (the readers of cette blog) that exist who went on to write so many hateful comments throughout the blogs content made me realise that NO WONDER THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD. It took me 6 months to get the balls to attend a fucking yoga class out of fear of other peoples judgement and my weight, and my own insecurities. 6 whole months of wanting to do something and not doing it because i was scared that people would think all of the things about me that the readers had written about fat girls.

and finally, i did go and loved it, but let me tell you, it took a lot of personal strength to stop JUDGING MY SELF, and others, in order to try and do something about being a  bit overweight in the first place. and, try to tell myself that even if people were looking at me in disgust, or laughing at me, or wondering if i´d make it through the class, i was doing it for myself.

after reading the blog i seriously didn´t know whether to cry or to be angry, or defeated, or both. I do understand and support that being overweight is obviously not healthy, but i don´t necessarily think that just because people are proud of who they are and happy at the size they weigh in at that they should be deemed as supporting ¨fat pride¨ . ( Another post titled ¨fat pride burns my hide¨)  And, the idea that plus-sized models are disgusting and not role models for young women. Do these people strictly only associate themselves with persons that are 125lbs and under? do they have not one person close to them that is a bit overweight or struggling with weight issues? well, in conclusion to this rant,( as i have to do because otherwise you´d be here reading for weeks) my advice for all of the colorful readers and active members of SG, and all other sick, disturbing, sociopath websites creating fucked up demented ways of thinking about weight and body issues::

It´s not easy feeling like you want to be something you´re not. and while you have the tools and means to make yourself something better~(if better equals skinny)  it does take time, patience, and a whole lot of POSITIVE ENERGY to get there, and become what everyone in the world wants you to be. And, if all of the skinny/fit/averaged sized people i know had the same horrible attitudes and thoughts as you, well i guess i might rather surround myself with the worlds Kate Uptons because I sure as shit would hope we would be able to treat people like HUMAN BEINGS and not animals.Also, teaching people that eating disorders and ¨thinsporational boards¨ and doing crazy fad diets and ruining their bodies is by no means a positive way to talk about being healthy.

Again, I could go on and on on my thoughts and views about these big topics (punning again) and how i´m not just all in shitting all over this particular group of people, it really does go beyond that. I just truly know what it is like to be on both sides (not that I was ever ¨skinny”so to speak) and that people should be happy with who they are, fat, skinny, freckled or with love handles.

That´s all for my rant today. thanks for listening.


4 responses

  1. Well said, buddy. I don’t understand why people feed this kind of attitude, rather than celebrating the optimism, confidence and creativity it takes to cultivate one’s own self-image. It’s such a more healthy and positive outlook!

  2. Manohman.
    People are real confused about what the difference is between being the typical “picture of health” vs. actually being healthy (in mind and body!). Aie carumba, where is the love in the this world… love for ourselves, and for others?! Happiness and health are part of our own individual personal journeys, and they are PERSONAL! It’s awful that people tear others down and think that’s OK. It’s none of their business, and why do they care anyways!?

    I’ll tell ya why, these people are just as insecure, or maybe more, as everyone else on the planet, and instead of being positive and making positive changes in their own lives they tear others down with harsh judgements and ridiculous criticisms.

    Lets all just keep cool, love ourselves and do what we know is best for our own personal health and happiness and screw everyone else’s opinions!!

  3. I hear ya Becky! It really saddens me that so many women are suffering in strange ways because they look in the mirror and don’t see the positives that they should see! I feel like every woman is her own worst critic! I’ve seen so many beautiful ladies in the world of all shapes and sizes and ages, and that is truly what makes them beautiful. It’s the differences that make each woman unique and gorgeous and I’m not just talking physical appearances! I think 90% of women struggle daily with self image, especially young women…and even the thin ones!

    The most healthy people I know are the most positive and inspirational. They are not self loathing or judgmental of others or themselves. I think once that hurdle is overcome and you can learn to love yourself, then you can start to make a change! And that change should be for you and only you, and not for anyone else, because screw everyone else and their opinions! Let’s ditch insecurity and learn to love one another and our own selves too!! :) We can all learn from each other and be stronger and healthier in many ways for it. Good on ya for keeping with yoga Becky! It’s always scary starting something new! I was thinking of you and your yoga classes the other day and thinking of how inspiring that is to me that you just went for it! Keep it up girl! :) Love ya. xo

  4. I go back and forth on that blaming soiecty thing… I’m not a fan of the blame game, but maybe deep down we’ve absorbed those images of a perfect body. There’s always something we’d like to change, huh? I also never really understood how a thin person would still want to change something. When you’re heavy, you sometimes go to that place where you think that if you were just thin, you’d be happy. There’s always something to work on…

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