fleurs, fleurs



hi everyone!

Just a quick post before i dash off to le shoppe, but i just wanted to share a few Instagram pics of some wedding bouquets as of late. ( if you don´t already have me on IG, i´m @disastrousjane)

Also, please ignore the not-so-amazing quality of the old iPhone3G….i´m workin´ on gettin me some UPGRADE soon-ish.

That is all! PS~ĩf you live in toronto or even Ontario (Canada) for that matter, we are supposed to be hitting a ridiculous weather all time high today with a real feel of FIFTY FLIPPING DEGREES. 50.50.50.  I am still not over it.So, drink lotsa cold stuff and sit in some AC, cause it´s about to feel tropical up in this province, folks. Nasty!

Happy Friiiiiiday!!!

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