just be nice.

Hi everyone,

(source)  (via Vanagon Champion)

today was a bit of a gong show. (and i despise gong shows)

okay, well a lot of a gong show. Many things contribute to cette gong show, but work was bananas, and Gabe and I received our eviction notice over the weekend to move out of our love nest, along with the other tenants in our building. needless to say, we knew it was coming, but are still in full- on move out/find a new apartment/ irritated-at-our-situation mode.

so that is that.

Then i just finished a late dinner and happened to peruse Amy´s blog, (i love it, and read it regularly because she´s awesome. so should you) and saw this gem, to sum up how i feel about people in this world, in general, today.

Hope you aren´t being one of these lately. ´ cause that sucks. and, if you are nice to people, just a little bit, then they are usually nice back, no???

I want this print to frame in my house. or, to make wallpaper out of. to go everywhere in my house.

Happy Tuesday night!

Peeee ~ Ess, i really hope every one of you watched Weeds new and last ever only season that aired Sunday. Ma homegirl Nancy Botwin is back, bitches!!!!!!


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