Hi everyone!

I hope all of my Canadian peps are enjoying an amazingly beautiful Canada Day long weekend. I haven´t blogged in forever, no? Honestly!


Canada is 145 years old today! YEOWZA! i am off to deliver a wedding in a few hours on a rooftop overlooking the water. the last time i did this i got serious sunstroke, so as its 35 degrees here lately i´m slathering on the SPF 70, and gettin´ it done so i can come home and celebrate being a Canucks with my hubs and have some drinks with friends.

Gabe was gone all week so i was hanging solo by my lonesome, so needless to say i watched a lot of WEEDS, in preparation for the FINAL SEASON EVER!!!!! (airing tonight) Now, that´s a way to celebrate being 145!

Well, ya´ll, sorry I´ve been so MIA, but life is weird and things are crazy.(Sidenote: the crazy awful things happening in Canada as of late, and even the world lately are leaving me with so much to think about and my mind just seems full of so much noise~ thus creating really bad posts if i were to give you some) Let´s try and have some really amazing and positive things in the news in this country!! After all, that is what Canada is all about, and in the end I couldn´t be more happy to be here and be me.

Happy Canada Day!


2 responses

  1. I hear ya sistah. Everyone can use a little more positivity. This world of ours needs a giant dose of love!
    I hope you are doing well, your flower photos on FB bring me such happiness! You are so skilled my darlin’!

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