sister time.

hi everyone.

i meant to post this earlier but lately my brain is somewhere far far away from my actual place where my brain is normally supposed to be.

so, my sister and her boyfriend made the journey from Nova Scotia to Toronto (like a 1.5 hour flight, it´s great) for the weekend to visit with Gabriel and I this past weekend. We had a great time visiting, and we haven´t seen her since our wedding, since we haven´t had a chance to get back east, so it was great of them to come to us.

My sister comes here usually 2x a year to visit (i know, I´m spoiled) so she´s seen a lot,    done a lot and is used to a lot of what is really different about a small city of 500,000 to a big city of close to 5 million. We went to the Distillery District (Brick Street Bakery~ like, ohmagaaawd),  Balzac´s coffee shop, Soma chocolate Lab, and then hit Vaughan Mills outlet mall. (so good).                         

We took Saturday to go to Niagara Falls, and see some sights there. This was their first time, so it was nice to be able to get a chance to go outside the city. As many times as we´ve  been,  always so breathtaking. You really do forget how beautiful nature can be sometimes, you know? Even though i´ve been a florist for 11 years, i still somehow forget things like this when they are not right in my face.  Maybe Toronto stole my ability to remember nature away from me? Anyway, we had great weather and a great day to enjoy~ overall a great weekend indeed!


For the rest of their visit we walked in High Park, went to Polson pier, went to The Beaches area and sauntered around in the 40 degree heat and smog, Cherry Beach, Steamwhistle Brewery, downtown around Spadina  area, Film Buff for ice cream, Sherway Gardens Mall, Utopia for lunch (always amazing), Ikea (a must-go for Maritimers, as we don´t have one at all)  and i´m sure some other areas I´m forgetting with my phantom brain.


So,  a giant thank you Heidi and Roger for coming to our city and staying with us~ we love you and wish we got to see you and do this kind of thing more often!  (G loves to navigate and act as Official Tour Guide to our out of town guests)

For the rest of you, if you come to Toronto, look us up so we can cart you ´round and show you the sights and sounds. (and, sometimes smells)

Happy Wednesday night, whatever you get up to or into!

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