this day.

this week was a really hard one for me, and i don´t normally get too gushy mushy around these parts, but today my best friend of over 15 years is getting married.

and i´m not there.

i am so beyond happy that she is marrying the love of her life, and her (other) best friend, but sad as shit that i am not there to be a part of it all. I may have gone into detail before as to why i´m not there before, but it just couldn´t work for G and I  for several reasons. and I´m hating that.

so, i am off from work today, and it turns out to be a good thing, because the waterworks just won´t stop coming. (I started to tear up just writing a facebook status about them for heaven´s sake)

so, today my heart is in Las Vegas with these two nerds, not here in Toronto, doing laundry and crying. I know it will be the most amazing day ever for the both of them, and all i can be is overjoyed! (as an inside joke: any of you who know the Bride it is an ongoing joke between us that we never get emotional around eachother and try our best not to ever cry to one another…so it makes me laugh to think that M is probably not going to tear up on her own wedding and i´m sobbing like a baby!)

On another note, another bestie  of mine is having a baby today, like right now!!!!!!!! i got the happiest text message of ¨today´s the day¨ upon my wakeup and am so terrified excited for Christine, Fabien, and big brother Mateo to have another ¨petite garcon¨ to add to the Melanson family. Good luck, C!!!! I love you!!!

Also, another bestie of mine got a ring on her fingah Sunday, and I could not be happier for her and her beau. (No reveal yet~ i will wait until she goes public before i blog it to random readers!) I can´t waaaaait to help plan this wedding, that´s for sure!!! Love you guys, too~ you know who you are!

so, with all of these great things happening this week, i know it´s gonna be a good one. it has to be!

Happy Tuesday to you all, i hope wherever in the world you might be you´re enjoying as amazing of a day as we are here in T Dot!

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