DIY sunday, out of boredom

what´s going on, people?

today is a beautiful and amazingly lovely, 20-something degree sunday. and, for some crazy reason i decide i need to power clean the house. (well, it was definitely necessary, don´t get me wrong)

so, after the washroom, kitchen and bedroom, tending to the plants, and 3 loads of laundry and re-arranging furniture. purging clothes and unused crap throughout the place i decide to make a sewing machine cover for my beast. Truthfully, i don´t sew nearly as much as i used to since i moved here, and i really wanted an actual workspace~ ready to go, so that my machine is always there and with that thought, it needs to look nice. Cuz it´s in our livingroom.

so, i found a cute lil´ DIY here, and on i go. Here´s how mine looks now:










Also here are some window ledge succulent pics, just for fun.









Happy sunday. i´m hoping for a long walk to the park later, maybe to see the little zoo animals nearby, and some ice cream. EEEP!!!!






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