hi ya´ll

Absence Excuse for not blogging: my husband´s papa had an accident a few weeks back and things have been pretty bananas around here. Great news, he is going to be okay and is recovering in hospital from his surgeries and things look like they are getting better. We also missed G´s brother Danilo´s wedding, sad that we couldn´t be there but happy for him and his new wife.


So, this week´s been a busy one, and i will tell you that i am POOPITY pooped. but, i thought i would check in and post some random junk. today was a balmy 26 degrees in toronto (in May~ like, WTF?) and i had to pump the AC in the PT on the way home, i worked up a mean sweat today, not gonna lie.

so, sad news on DJ Adam Yauch of beastie boys passing away today of cancer..age 47. crazy awesome trio, those guys, and now only 2 left standing. i´ve listened to the Beatsies for so damn long it´s crazy to think that sound is now gone.

in other news~ my dear dear aussie friends Ann and Rhys are getting married tomorrow in Australia (i guess it is today, in their time zone) i am so happy for them, and we wish we could be there so badly.

Also~my bestie and her hubbs to be will be tying the knot (without me,…..le sigh) in las vegas very very shortly also! i know i will cry a lot that day. i will not think of anyone else but mel and kyle, and i am so sad i won´t be with them on their special day.

we got to enjoy a night out with friends last saturday night, but as per usual i had a few too many and felt a bit unlike myself sunday and didn´t manage to be too productive. Nonetheless~ it ruled. But, please remember this: if you´re drunk and go to Sneaky Dee´s when in toronto, know that the portions are massive and you don´t need 6 plates for 6 people. i have experienced this get wrenching food baby belly way too many times not to warn you all of it. Air on the side of caution.

also, in good things my sister and her boyfriend will be coming to toronto to visit G and i in a few weeks. Bad news: we have a huge leak in our washroom and it´s been raining on us for weeks now. Here´s to hoping our awesome landlords get on that in the next 2 weeks.(HA HA. No, really)



to kick off the weekend for you, (as we know Mother´s Day is upon us all next week and i will be busier than crap knows what)~ i saw this and imagined myself rowing a boat full of blooms down a creek somewhere with no cellphone service and tons of G&Tś and chips, and lots of good music to float away to.


don´t judge me either but this song, as overplayed as it is the last month, is making me want to scream-yell the lyrics every time i hear it. so, if i were in my boat full o flowers, this is one of the playlist songs. and there would be some Drake in there too.


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