the best thing.

hi everyone. i know, i know, i haven been around at all lately.

i´m really sorry.

i know there´s no excuse ~ but things here have been pretty insane as of late. of course, things at the shop are crazy as usual, we are back to wedding season full-throttle busy-ness and that is really great. we got some incredibly bad news last week: G´s dad had a terrible on the job injury that landed him in the hospital awaiting several surgeries, and to boot, he had to miss his own son ( G´s middle brother, Danilo) just tied the knot yesterday. so, in the end he is really so fortunate to even be alive~ we are all very lucky things ended up the way they did. That being said, being off until he is better and able to go back to work is also stressful news.

And, in the middle of this G and i have been anxiously awaiting his passport to come back from the States with the stamps on it he needs to be able to finalize his Permanent Residence… and of all times not to be able to go to be with his family, now was really hard to watch for me.

anyway, the most important thing is that today was that day.

the passport came in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

this whole thing for me has been an emotional rollercoaster, so sometimes i think of how crazy it must be for G when it is him in the situation directly. and now it´s over. almost.

i asked him if he was going to have a big drink and celebrate here, by himself with his passport today. i´m sure he did.i also told him i would support his going around the neighborhood waving the passport in the air and streaking,…but he said he ¨didn´t feel like it¨ ~ which is totally okay with me.

we did it!!!!! it´s here!!!!\and, my dad´s birthday is wednesday, and i also get to meet my little pseudo-neice Azariah~ and see my friend Ash and her husband Marvin who i haven´t seen since last April in Antigua at their wedding.

It´s gonna be a good week. And, if all goes well G´s dad will get his surgeries and start to get better and stop worrying everyone!!! my thoughts are with my De Oliveira family, that´s for sure. And, happy thoughts to the new Bride and Groom, Danilo and Gisele.

In the meantime, i feel like doing a crazy happy dance like the one you´re about to watch below.

Happy Monday, ya´ ll!!!!



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