30 before 30.

hi everyone!

again, my apologies, it´s been a while.  I have mentioned before on le blog that i have been compiling a ¨30 before 30¨ list of things for me to try to commit to making my life better and/or cooler. I think I´ve covered all my bases, but always think of other things i want to do this year,  by the time D-DAY rolls around. (a-hem, december 19th).


so, here we are in no particular order of priority or importance:

  1. start an RRSP contribution. you´ re an adult now.
  2. practice better eating habits. cook more.
  3. go to yoga, and practice at home on a regular basis.
  4. quit smoking.
  5. go skating with gabriel again.
  6. set up a work bench  (and easel) for paining and sewing/crafting.
  7. start paining again.
  8. take a ¨honeymoon weekend¨ outside the city, just us two.
  9. blog more, and concentrate on more interesting posts and writing quality.
  10. read more books!!!!!!!!!
  11. hang a map of toronto in my house, to finally start to get to know directions.
  12. start to walk to work 3-4 days when it warms up again.
  13. go to brazil as soon as we are able to.
  14. throw a really awesome party at our house.
  15. take a new class or register for a small course or some kind of lesson.
  16. pay off all debt by year´s end.
  17. treat myself to a facial and skin assessment.
  18. get a family doctor!!!!!!! (working on this one, almost complete)
  19. practice my portuguese more, and feel comfortable speaking.
  20. go to montreal again with G.
  21. buy a new Mac computer.
  22.   GET A PUPPY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23.   get more tattoos.
  24. go to a big concert this year, spend the cash and enjoy it. (DAVE MATTHEWS BAND! waited for 10 years for this)
  25. drive the Bad Boy at work without crying or peeing myself.   (it´s a Sprinter, and it is terrifying)
  26. go to Nova Scotia in the summer, or when it is not snowing and stay for more than 5 days.
  27. start to ride my bike in toronto. (almost able to check this one off!)
  28. get a Volkswagon.
  29. get my scooter license so i can drive g´s red baby.
  30. try to lose 10 pounds or more.

so, there you have it folks. sorry, the last one is a weird one to have to write, but it is still one that needs to be on that list! this quitting smoking business took a toll on my waistline and i gotta do somethin´ about it!

do any of you have any ¨To Do¨ lists before your big days? or, just ones to get done by end of 2012? i am a major list maker, so i constantly refer to my lists to keep myself (and G) in check and on point.  Feel free if you have any pointers for me to complete my remaining 25.

i actually have read other blogger´s lists, and mine aren´t unattainable or really that challenging~ it´s more of a matter of finding time and getting on it!

Enjoy HUMP day, ya´ll!!! i´m cooking veggie burgers and making avocado chocolate pudding and hitting up hot yoga in the hood.

wish me luck with my 30×30! count down is officially on.

6 responses

  1. wheeoO! Way to go on your accomplishments so far Becky! I am inspired by your list, I think I should also make a list! I see that we share one goal in common- regular yoga practice! I’m so glad I followed through with this one in 2012, I’m feelin great for it! Thanks for sharing sistahood, best of luck!

  2. Um YEEHAW! This is such a great idea! And what better wat to GET ER DONE than by publicly posting it! OMG the pressure is ON gurl. Also I have some news, and it goes a little summin like this! I was nominated for The versatile blogger award! and thus I must nominate others who is like WOAH HELLA BOMB in da house of the world. Clearly (despite not knowing you very well) I have nominated you! as well as 15 other bloggers i have grown to love!

    che che check it out.


  3. Lists are the best way. And I find that, once I get a few of those things crossed off or really start to improve or make progress at certain things in my life, then I feel way more motivated and capable of achieving the rest! It’s all about momentum. You can do it!!

  4. I am too scared to make a list………..but I do like your list!! It really is a great idea. Maybe I can just start small! I tend to think of the bigger picture at all times, but its the little things that help you get there. Good Work!!!

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