Bag it. Period.

so, i just wanted to drop by  with a quick post regarding this documentary G and i watched last night, that had me so irritated that i woke up at 6:45 am on my day off with a ¨i´m still pissed off¨ feelin’ in ma bones.

if you haven´t heard of, or yet watched Bag It, i suggest you do PRONTO! (who the heck says pronto still?)

It basically mentions nothing about Canada or any of our stats on how we treat and respect our country, but it does reflect on the United States Of America, and how poor of a job they are doing. It really really made my stomach churn thinking about the oceans, and all of the filming on Hawaii´s ¨beautiful¨ beaches~ that, with all of the garbage and plastic more resemble a beach full of waste. Stupid, lazy, lethal waste.  See more here.

More so (without revealing too much, so you can actually watch it) the levels of pthalates  that were found in the human blood system after testings, from ingesting this shit from our products. I could go one for weeks, and i´m not even a major ¨super keen, mega greener¨, but we do avoid plastic bags and use our own.

What i have learned and realized now more so after watching this film, was more about packaging but also the amount of unnecessary plastic that makes up our daily lives.

it truly is a lot to think about.

I hope you all watch it! I´m going to go make myself some coffee~ not in a plastic cup.


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