good things are coming

hey ya´ĺl,

just a quick pop in to say that today brought my love and i some really amazing news. i´m not going to share it just yet, i want to wait and plan a proper execution of such awesomeness in a blog post.


while we found out we will probably have to move out of our love nest in the next few months (our landlords are evidently doing a much necessary and loooong overdue renos) which SUCKS because moving super SUCKS...


this news will make silly things like having to move, or a few car problems, or stupid blisters on my heels feel like they don´t even exist.

i am just so happy and thankful that we made it this far and that things are finally starting to change for us in the right ways and we will finally be able to live like the rockstars we are. And that is what young, married folk like us should be doing~while we are young enough to still party like it´s 1998.

(NOTE: to any readers who know me well enough to be aware of my puppy obsession, this is not news in that area. ……yet!)

happy wednesday! my bod´s been achin’ from my yoga (i know, who knew they would ever in a million years hear me state that) and i´ve been struttin my stuff to work every morning in the 26 degree heat we have been havin´ up in toronto as of late. and, tomorrow night is HAIR NIGHT!!!!! after 3 months, my hair will be amazing again. sarah~ i´m on ma way! and, another awesome bomb: ma bestie mel, baby O, and kyle are coming to stay the night this weekend!!!!! ( sans dogs :(   )  but, i am  still super pumped to see them.

last but not least,  a message  to G~ i love you so much,  and we are almost there!!!!! xo

goodnight kittens!

Miss disastrous jane

2 responses

  1. I’m sad you’ll have to leave your awesome home but love and approve of everything that means your eternal happiness! …and way to go with the yoga, dude!!


  2. Happy to hear you are turning into a yogee after all…and hope you can find a COZY apt…with a big kitchen area…love ya lots mom

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