you gotta try this.

hey peeps. happy international women´s day.

my day sucked so i´m enjoying a G&T and decided to do a bit of baking/ treat making to make me feel better. BUT~i decided to make a healthy treat that Amy has been into as of late~halva balls.

what the *%$# is a halva ball, you ask?

i have no idea, but it´s some good, good stuff. basically it´s a bunch of ground up nuts and honey with cocoa and rolled in coconut.


that´s all it is. no joke. also is no joke that it took 5 minutes to make theses~and cleaning the food processor was more painful than the process of making. Here are a few pics g took of me and ma ballz. recipe found here, but i´ve seen a million variations and i just randomly threw stuff together based loosely on this. NBD.








have a hal-a-va (OMG i just punned on a thursday halva ball recipe post, ĩ rule) THURSDAY NIGHT!

i´m going to go eat chips. i went to yoga last night. yup, i said it.


~mrs. de oliveira




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