a great weekend.

hello, kiddies.


hope all of you are well. i realize i haven´t blogged in over a month, so i guess iḿ kinda sorry about that. things here have been busy but not, in a lot of ways, but g and i have been spending time with friends. last weekend we went to kitchener to visit my bestie melissa, baby olivia and her fiance kyle, and their new puppy dr zoidberg, and their dog lola.


it was an awesome trip for us to get to see them, and it is always nice for me to not work saturday and have the weekend to make the journey. we haven´t seen m&k since our wedding in november, and it was really great to get to spend the whole weekend at their house.

we played a lot of pictionary, and apples to apples, ate lots of yummy food and went bowling. needless to say, i sucked ass at bowling, even though i love it, i think i need to realize that i will never be an athlete… ha ha ha. anyone who knows me is probably laughing hysterically at that concept, but it´s true.



it was great to also see my baby niece olivia, and cuddle her again. she looks more adorable than ever, and so much like her mom and grandma it´ś creepy! 6 months went by pretty fast! ( it´s easy for me to say, she´s not my kid) anyways, the puppies were also a big part of our k town trip, all i did was pat and cuddle and love and play with and cry about, and want and love and kiss and hug dogs for 3 whole days. my heart just ached. and, you can see why it did because these amazing photos show just how ridiculously adorable and awesome those fur babies really are. i told g he gets to live dog-free until may and then i am breaking the code of dog silence and bringin’ me home us a puppy!!!!! 


EEEEEEEEKKKKK! (he hates me for this i know, but deep down he loves them). we proceeded to call him the Dog Whisperer all weekend because of his serious dog training skills. those poochies listened to his deep brazilian voice and sat when they were told to sit. (they do it with M&K, but it was too cute to see him playing with them).


so, we had a great time, and we don´t get to see them as much as we´d like. mel and kyle are getting married in vegas and may~and it deeply saddens me that i´ḿ not able to make it. she and i have been besties for so many years it really is insane. as kids we started out as enemies, her being the new cute girl getting all the attention at school, and me naturally hating it and trying to slash her ankles with my hockey stick in gym class, and trying to beat her in skip-offs. she´s tough shit, that barnhill. anyways, i couldn´t be happier that she is marrying kyle (who reads this blog, ~~hi kyle) in all seriousness they are a  great pair, great parents and great friends and i love them. i will be crying in toronto on their wedding day the same way i would be as if i were there in vegas: UGLY CRYING OUT OF JOY!


okay, enough mushy crap. hope yaĺl like the pics, iĺl be back sooner than not for the next post. iḿ sure people were wondering how to entertain themselves for the month i was on hiatus and all, so i will try and be a bit more considerate next time.

HOLLA! happy sunday.



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