the big v is a-comin’, and hopefully a baby, too!


well, hello there special friends and wonderful people. today was a special day, as i got to make a flower arrangement for a pretty big celebrity in my world, (and also a freakin’ awesome CANADIAN!) ~ kim cattrall!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!


why i didn’t take lots of photos to document this magical occasion is beyond me~ truth be told i think i was more in awe that it actually  happened.

i mean, i made a corsage for lucy liu a few years back, and am fortunate enough to have a photo of her wearing it ( with my good friend, anthony) and, she is pretty great. but, those of you who even know a teeny tiny bit about me know i am a major SATC fan, and the actress who plays miss samantha jones to me is basically as  much a celebrity as lady diana.

so, that was a great thing that came along this week. other than that, i am mentally preparing for the crazy and hectic time ahead, the dreaded valentines day. now, i’m not trying to be all “harsh” about this holiday, but as a florist it is one of those holidays that after 11x years and 11x V days, you start to kind of strongly dread the mayhem that comes to your world every year at this time.  soooooo, to beat the v-day blues i usually try and create some kind of positive mantra to play in my mind to somehow get me through it. this year i plan on dressing in red, (or with red accents) for the 3 or 4 days before tuesday, and make a  super awesome love song  playlist for my ipod to play at le shop to keep us pumped. (plus, i think i’ll need to have a whole lotta lattes)




otherwise in breaking V day florist related news, my boss and also great friend tanya  and her beau ry are expecting their first baby in the next few days, ~hopefully the next few hours!!!!!! ry is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, and we all thought it would be super fun for him to become a dad  and celebrate  his birthday all the same…. t + r~ i can’t stop thinking about you guys, and we are so excited to meet baby forest!!!! phone is officially attached to hip with anticipation!

other than these fun facts,not too much is going on around these parts. gabe and i probably won’t celebrate or get too buck wild. even before i was married off i didn’t really ever do much, usually i am so  tired i pass out sitting up that night! (and, my puppy dreams are put on hold until we get a few things ironed out, make some future decisions, and wait for some important pending information) so, i’ll be happy with some yummy thai food and some carrot cake (or cupcakes) and a nice hot relaxing bath.

so, for now here are a few really awesome images and/or tunes i’d like to share with you before saint valentine starts shooting arrows at young lovers.

enjoy, and happy early  day of hell V day!  P.S what are your big plans (or non-plans) to celebrate?

another PS~ if you need flowers in the toronto area then you best get on that phone and call us ASAP and place your order with florist to the celebrities,  Pink twig!!!!! (ha ha ha)





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