flowers for showers


well, ‘ello ‘ello boys (and probably more) girls.

how is everyone doing on this fine day? we were sitting at 8 degrees above zero today…. RECORD BREAKER!

um, mother nature? it’s january.

Mother Nature: well, stop treating me like a giant garbage can and maybe things won’t be so bananas, no?

okay, you win.

ANYWAY~ i wanted to share some photos and lovely little blog post about my sunday aft. one of my besties is going to las vegas for one of her besties weddings in a few days, and wanted to have an “unconventional” yet fun little wedding shower for her. to attribute to this fun day, lynn asked me f i would come and show all of the shower girls how to make a flower arrangement! and, being that i haven’t taught barely any classes since i moved to ontario~ i was all over this idea. plus, lynn is a really awesome person (as is the whole cullen family) and i knew her friend erin would really enjoy this.

so, here are a few photos via heather from our sunday class. i think that all of the girls made truly lovely arrangements in their vases that they brought along to the shower. good job, ladies!

all of our flowers were supplied by pink twig (of course) and included:gerberas, hyacinth, kermits and spray roses. salal for greenery.



so, this was a pretty great day. also, we had some yummy food and tea and talked about awesome stuff for the rest of the afternoon!  so, that, my friends was a very nice sunday for moi. i love doing things like this, and sometimes think that i need to get back into the teaching part of my career~ i really miss that about my life here in toronto vs scotia, as back home i was teaching classes almost weekly. it definitely made me feel refreshed before the big v-day ( or should i say the worst day of my life every year)

anyways, i hope you all enjoyed your weekend, whatever you got up to! and, if you know anyone in the area that wants to learn some skills, you know the gal to holler at can be right therepushin’ petals, at your service!

happy night night.


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