still wedding obsessed….

uh ma gawd. how is it that even after being married i am still creeping wedding blogs? i blame it one my job. i’m just educating myself, right? keeping current? yes. that is correct.

i just came across this adorable wedding, on none other than GWS, and almost died at how friggin’ cute this couple tiffany and jon are.

PLEASE take a look at their cute NYC farm wedding, the full post over at green wedding shoes.  i love how personal everything is, and that the Brides’ best friend got ordained so they could marry this couple! how awesome is that? i think i also, and most importantly love that this pair seemed to be so committed to making this day fun and awesome. I also love all of their music selections!  and that dress???? TO DIE FOR.



the photos of the Bride and Groom in the pumpkin patch are so stunning! so many cool details as i scrolled through the post~ i just think they did a glorious job, and they looked so cool. kinda like you want to be their friend, no? okay, maybe that’s creepy,… but i often think that when i see really cool, talented people who look like they have great attitudes and know how to party! (who doesn’t?)

kudos to the couple, and to all of their great ideas and vendors that made this give me wedding envy.(amazing photography by sweet little photographs)

(P.S not wedding envy as in our wedding wasn’t totally awesome, just such in a way that it is really awesome and totes cute)

hey, today’s friday!

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