what i’m packin’

hello everyone. how was your weather today?

today’s weather here in toronto was really, really crazy and clearly momma nature couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do: snow, or be sunny or be windy and gross. and~ speaking of gross weather, with all of its awful side effects and problems it causes our skin and lips and noses, makes me think about sometimes how much more we invest in our skin over the colder months here in canada. we are constantly blowing our noses and they get sore and awful, our skin gets dry and itchy from indoor heating, chapped lips and dry scalps and applying extra hand cream to our cracked hands and feets….unghhh , le sigh. but, this is life, so i will get over it and move on.

i’ve decided to cave and do a “what’s in my bag” edition as of late for le blog,… and  i haven’t included a photo of cette bag because this post has inspired a purse change! i typically tnd to change up what i’m using (inside the bag) based on season, hair color, what i’m currently into at the moment, etc.

so, here are the contents of my bag.* (also missing is business cards/gift cards/phone/a million bobby pins/elastics/ear bud for iphone/ipod nano/swiss army knife/driving gloves and keys)*

1. Avene thermal spring water mist (my skin is so effing dry right now)

2.oral b floss

3.wooden wide toothed comb for my ridiculous hair

4. Rimmel London matte lipstick in Alarm (bright red-orange)

5.Lush’s Karma Kream (Karma is my signature scent)

6.Baby lips (supposed to be helping my lips get better- still debating on the overall rating of this)

7.Lush’s gorilla perfume solid stick in Imogen Rose

8.benefit benetint lip balm, red

9.clear topcoat for nails/hose snaggs/ and pretty much any other use you can imagine

10. philosophy kiss me lip emollient (available from sephora)

11. Degree little black dress- not my usual, just trying this on for size

12. Alieve- because it is necessary to survive monthly visits and prevent RAGING headaches

13. Neutrogena  unscented hand cream (so good)

14. Clif bar- in case of emergency hunger

15. Glasses from derek cardigan and thrifted case

16. Stila lip color in fiery- best purchase on earth

17.Stila matte lip color in gorgeous( i think, the label is rubbing off because i use it so much!) bright coral-orange color

18. Revlon just bitten in Dawn (don’t love it)

19. Mustard yellow knit bow hat from urban outfitters

20. hand dyed/hand printed topless pinup wallet by awesome friend roisin, bespoke uprising~ she is the coolest.

*NOTE: there are NO cigarettes or lighter in my bag, because i am a non-smoker now.

So, there you have it folks. normally i use lip products from benefit, but i am really loving Stila’s color selection as of late. plus #16, fiery stays on through a tsunami so i’ll take it anyday. i’m also always a fan of rosebud salve lip company– that stuff works wonders.

usually in the summer i carry baby powder (for a million reasons and uses)or a small can of dry shampoo, baby wipes to wipe off my feet and legs from all of  being a florists’ great ick factors, more bobby pins, SPF 70, and plenty of band-aids for summer shoe blisters.

i hope you all enjoyed this invasive little peek into my purse. what kind of goodies are in yours?

now, i am off to choose a new bag for the next few weeks from my closet collection.

(and, finish my gin and ton)



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