ello, ello everybaaaady. i hope you all are having a great sunday bloody sunday.

we had friends over to our place for the night, and had a very yummy brunch today at the Drake and probably ate too much. soooo, needless to say we are cuddled in watching mindless movies and puttering around the house. (gabe is currently wrapped cocoon-style in his hammock in our living room, snoozing occasionally)

i, on the other hand have been googling puppies on the inter-web for the last 2 hours~ reading and sadly wishing for my dog days to begin. (i am driving g. nuts with puppy-begging the last 24hrs)

you see, i am a dog person. always have been, always will be. i am a firm believer in only having pets if you have the proper environment and finances to accommadate them, and i think because we live in an apartment ( and i have for over 10 years now) that’s an obvious reason as to why i’ve been holding off. however~ our current place is very spacious, has a little backyard, and front yard which would be most suitable for a poochie. we also live beside beautiful High Park~ boasting with trails, off leash dog park and loads of places to exercise a four-legged fur babe.

G, on the other hand grew up with dogs  either running loose in the streets, or the dogs people have  as pets  being left outside most of the year. well, we clearly aren’t in Brazil~ meaning our dogs live mostly inside, with us, like people. (he isn’t super open-minded when it comes to grasping this lifestyle!) so, it is definitely a place that we need to find a way to make it work for us, whether it is wait a few years until we are able to afford some sort of housing of our own here in toronto, or we do some re-arranging of our current place, and take the plunge.

my choice is obvious~ we do our homework and take the plunge! i can’t live my life without a dog in it, and i have for so long already, so as much as i know it will be a huge lifestyle change for us~ i am so ready to be a puppy parent. lots of friends have been pointing out all of the things that can be considered negative or difficult about becoming dog owners, and i am always grateful for the feedback…..however, i grew up with dogs, and while that was when i was a kid, i know we are capable of being awesome doggy parents at some point in our future.

this post is mostly just a regurgitation of my thoughts about dogs, puppies and my yearning to have one of my very own ever so badly. ( i don’t think it is the first time for this on my lil’ blog!!) so, that being said~ all you dog owners out there: kiss your babies for me today and give ’em a big squeeeeeeze from me. for now, i guess i’m squeezing a brazilian… which ain’t so bad, either!

happy sunday to all! i hope you’re doing something relaxing and sunday- worthy like this bunch.


3 responses

  1. I say take the plunge and get a small dog.. there perfectly fine in an apartment and there so much fun. Best way to get a dog is to just buy it and bring it home. Your married now so you don’t need to ask for a dog. you just go get it lol… Cant wait to see the little one when you get it :)

    • ha ha~ it’s YOU bastards that made me so deeply saddened by the fact that we are dog-less in the first place!!!! i think it’s definitely in the future but for now we have to put some dolla bills aside till g is back to work :) then~ i’ll be giving you kids a call for pooch tips!

  2. hahaha this is the ultimate puppy post!!
    I hope your poochie dreams come true soon! Kyle’s got a point there, too (JUST BRING ONE HHOOOOME!).

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