in the blink of an eye

well, folks. there she goes. another year is passing, and gone from our lives. all that’s left is what’s in our brains,… (and what made it to facebook!)

i guess everyone is writing posts dedicated to a year of looking back, reflecting, etc… so i will do a bit of that just to fit in, but also a wee bit of thanks and praise in there for good measure, and with some new ideas for the new year a-comin’ real soon.

as you know, this year we moved into a new apartment that we love, gabe changed jobs,i went to antigua to be in ash’s wedding, we welcomed our new baby neice olivia to the world, celebrated g’s 30th birthday, welcomed a brazilain family to canada, went to many many cool concerts and shows, got engaged, and shortly after had our wedding and were married,(BEST PART!) got to see my family and some friends i haven’t seen in way too long in november at cette wedding, went up the CN tower for the first time, said goodbye to friends who moved back to australia, spent my first christmas in Ontario with g and friends, and had so many more amazingly good times that we got to be a part of.







so, after that super-mega-photo heavy recap of only a tiny peek into 2011, i will say thank you to my pretty stellar husband, family, friends and babies for being amazing and giving me so many crazy memories to store away and someday tell my grandkids about. i hope we make them proud!

also, just an announcement fora few of my plans and goals for 2012: ( full 30 before 30 list will come at later date)

i want to quit smoking,..(currently in the making and i know it will take a long time to conquer this one), start going to yoga (my awesome bosses already got me started with my first 10 sessions, b/c they rule), blog more often, read more books, use my juicer like it’s my religion, go on lots of dates with g,  and i think i really want to try to take a lot more photos to document this wild wild life we lead. (well, only the PG stuff) KIDDING!

okay, my ranting is over, and i’m ready to say buh-bye to two thousand eleven with full confidence that the next is going to kick its ass in coolness. (well, except i may not be able to top getting married, but that’s a given)

happy, happy HAPPY new year to all, and i hope you all party like its 1998 again. (or, whatever year you feel like goin’ back to)




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