christmas with brazilians.

why hello, folks. ‘hope you all had a happy holiday week and enjoyed lots of fun and good times with friends and family.

this year g and i weren’t able to get to scotia for the holiday ( i think i already touched base on this last post), so we headed to kitchener to spend it with our brazilian  family! they normally spend Christmas Eve eating and drinking (the same as us Canadians) and later in the evening someone dressed as Santa usually comes over and entertains the kids. well, we weren’t able to make that happen for miguel and olivia due to costume issues, so we  let them know that in canada santa usually waits until all the boys and girls are asleep and sneaks down the chimney and leaves the gifts for the next morning. i think they went with it ,which was great~next year we will have to make sure someone gets that santa suit for them! can you imagine how crazy it would be to move somewhere where there is snow at christmas when you’re used to full sunshine and summer weather? in brazil right now it is somewhere in the 30 degree range, so the family who just arrived were so so cold with our -4 degree weather. i tried to let them know that this was really “mild’ for us so far and i think i traumatized them!





















We wanted to have some gift-giving,  so we drew names in advance and bought gifts for our Secret santa friend.In brazil they usually wait until midnight to open all gifts. everyone (usually kids also, but these ones passed out way before midnight) gets up and says something nice and everyone cheers and they open their gift. its so cute! and, at midnight everyone hugs and does the cheek kiss thing and walks around and says feliz natal, kindof  like  we do at New Year’s. it was really hard for me to understand most of the evening, but i think the more i listen the more i can understand most of what everyone is saying! as far as food goes,most of the time christmas dinner is served at midnight. i don’t know about you, but i am sure glad we didn’t wait that long to eat! i stuffed myself into a mere food coma earlier in the night and it was so amazing. it felt just like it does in ‘scotia~ so much food, all of it so good, and then everyone almost falls asleep. so, for me eating at midnight would be a long long wait for what i consider the best part of the holidays, FOOD!

it was really great for me to be a part of some of g’s traditions as he was part of my familys’ last year. i know when we make it to brazil for a christmas in the future it will be even more fun and very special for me, too. we ate a lot, drank a lot and enjoyed our friends. it was so much fun.


first christmas a married folk

g and i headed to niagra on christmas day and were joined by a billion other people with the same idea. we had 2 nights to relax and sight see a bit (even though we have been already a few times) and just enjoy each others’ company and it was really really nice. the falls are so beautiful at night and i love how they were all lit up in colors.and, our view was really amazing, as you will notice from my million photos!we also ate at IHOP, which for some sick reason i’ve always wanted to do. (Note: do not order pancakes unless you feel like stuffing your body with a whopping 5 massive cakes~ they were delicious, and i managed to comfortably eat 2 of my blueberry pancakes,.. but somehow felt guilty for not being able to finish the other 3. i would also like to meet the person who is able to eat all 5 at 10 am. too much food, IHOP!) we spent our morning today poking around at an outlet mall close to our hotel (don’t judge us) and then headed home with our purchases.












so, now it’s all over and we are back to toronto and ready to bring on 2012. i really hope you all had a great break and have an even better New  Years whatever it is you get up to!

happy week -after-christmas, kittens!


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