it’s comiiing….

howdy peeps.


i haven’t really felt too much like blogging as of late, so do note that i am alive and kicking. i’m not really sure why i haven’t been feeling it, as we have been pretty low-key and chill lately. after a wedding and all the excitement of my friends and family being here, and it all ending so fast, i feel lost without all of the projects and little things that were keeping me busy. we also are down to 1 wedding per weekend at the shop, which makes for a slow pace as well. but, alas~ christmas is upon us. (already!)

as some of you may know, i am a bit of a grouch when it comes to the holidays. as much as i love all of the presents, food and alcohol~i do hate christmas music, snow and the thought of it,  i do not put up a tree or lights, and am generally just not a big “christmas” person.

i think i’ve just been used to being so busy as a florist this time of year that i never part-take in all of the things that most people who aren’t involved in customer service get to enjoy. or, maybe i’m just a grinch…?

anywho… my year before my BIG birthday is upon me next week. i am working on my 30 before 30 list to share with all of you. so far i think i made it to 18 to-do’s~ so i’ll be sure to post when i get going on the rest. no solid plans as of yet, but i know i need to eat burritos and drink some g & t’s . kindof just like any other day, no?!!




this would be a seriously legit thing someone like myself should have. for reals.

anyway, i am realizing now that this post doesn’t really have any direction in terms of topic matter, so on i go. i think my 2012 big day will be  much more of a thriller, but also i may consider going in to hiding. 30 for me is basically terrifying and my own personal hell. but, hey~ i’m a lucky gal, so bring it on, 30. i have t-minus 1 year to mentally grasp your presence. take that!

so, i’m off to finish my baking for the day, but do know i am here and, GASP~ almost 29.

happy monday and happy christmassy things to all of you who enjoy that weird junk.






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  1. Hey there. You were recommended to my by Twitter as a potential to-follow. Came here because of that and decided to heed the powers that be. You got yourself a new reader. :o) Happy Birthday Week!

    P.S.: Your wedding photos are gorgeous!

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