EEEK! sneek peak! (photo heavy)

hello, everyone… happy wednesday! i am pleased to announce we have some of our wedding photos back from our photographer!!!!


we love them. love.

for those of you who are interested in what our day was like, here is a photo-heavy glossary of  some images i have compiled for your viewing pleasure!

(all images courtesy of  charlie designer)










All in all, (as you can see) we had an epic day. not to mention that later on we accidentally crashed another wedding and gave cupcakes to strangers, and blew bubbles and lit sparklers on the streets of toronto.

we want to send a special thanks to charlie and helen for all their amazing work, and for making our wedding photos rock .

(because i truly believe we are rockstars).

Or, at least we look like we are in our pictures.

hope you enjoyed the peeks, my wee little lovelies.



7 responses

  1. LOVE them all!

    Especially the one of Gabe jumping! I can hear the noise that I know he was likely making as he took that little hop into the air when I look at it!


  2. fantastic!

    i especially adore the colorful wall – vespa – balloon picture. it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    you two look wonderful + very happy!



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