EEEK! i’m almost a Mrs.

howdy kids…. things in ma world are a bit nutty as of late, and i have been uber-busy with our weddings at work (we just officially finished our wedding season with more than 5 per weekend) and just gathering all i need for our wedding that is 2 weeks away!!!!! i wish i could have written more posts with some of the things i’ve been working on, but i’m trying to keep it TOP SECRET! kidding~ i have been working like crazy at the store, we are all so pooped after this wedding season, so i tried to keep things pretty basic in lieu of being exhausted!


i am so so SO excited to see our friends and family that we haven’t seen for a long time. we are still sorting out whether G’s cousin Bruno will be coming all the way from Brazil~ fingers crossed! anywho, things are coming along quite lovely, we just need to put it all together. all of my DIY items look just the way i imagined they would, so i’m feeling pretty stoked about sharing them with everyone. i think i am most excited so see (and make) my flowers!!!!!! EEEEEEK!

we have decided that my bouquet must be almost the size of a small child, it’s my time to be able to carry the daddiest of all mack daddies of |Bridal bouquets, no?  i am just SO in love with the flowers that we are having…. i did pick them myself ;)

there is a small bachelorette party happening for me next saturday night, so i am getting excited for that as well. i hope my friends love me enough to not make me wear penis necklaces and crazy other things of that sort, although i can see the fun in that!

well, off to work this mornin’ to make people happy with flowers. YAY!  just thought i would give a lil’ drop in and countdown till i no longer have to spell “frizzell” to people anymore…now, i’ll just have to spell de Oliveira.

i thought about using this song as our entrance song :) but we have chosen a different one. in the meantime, this one will get me through the morning!!!


happy happy day!


5 responses

  1. Hey Bec we are so excited for you and Gabe sounds like you guys got everything under control Love ya lots and can’t wait to see you BOTH xoxo M and D

  2. Hi Becki! I feel really awful about not congratulating you until 2 weeks before! But Kev and I do send along the biggest of bestest wishes to you and Gabe! How amazing of a journey for you. I know your day will be all that you have dreamed :) Thinking of you always and sending big hugs! xoKim

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