10 things.

it’s just me again, old friends. i’ve been doing a lot of blog reading and happened to stumble upon a lot of bloggers who have lists of things that make them happy, and it instantly put a smile on my face to see what makes other people  get the ol’ warm and fuzzies on.

also, i just found it a really great way to spread positive thoughts, and how lovely is it to read something with no negative undertone theses days, with all of the crazy things that happen in the world. when things cool off and start to settle for us a bit, i have made a promise to myself to make a conscious effort to be more positive and really focus on the important things, and stop sweating all of the small stuff. ( i think my mom owns a book with that title)

so, in lieu of doing just so, i wanted to share a list of 10 little items that make me happy and just feel awesome when i experience them. sure, i could make lists specific to just one topic… (eh hem, gabriel) but this is a mix of all things that make moi smile

(in a complete random order)

1.  pumpkin scented or flavored ANYTHING

2. laughing with my friends on the phone about crazy things we’ve said/done

3. hearing gabe talk with his grandma in portuguese

4. hearing toddlers say hilarious things to their parents

5. drinking my coffee in the morning and clearing my head

6.  when a sweet jam comes on in the car on the way to work to get me pumped for the day

7. when the new flowers come in on tuesdays and they look like sweet sweet heaven

8. seeing gabe drive  his scooter ~ it’s both awesome and totally hilarious


9.  old people holding hands

10. wrapping up in my favorite sweater and a big blanket on the couch to see a good movie

what makes you stupidly awesomely freakishly happy?

(you can say my blog if you want~ i will love you if that’s the case)

happy monday, ~ i’m off to get a pumpkin spice latte… YUUUM.


3 responses

  1. Stay positive Sistah! I like this list idea very much :) There are so many things to be happy about, sometimes it’s hard not to notice them all though. Some of my favs are….

    -a cuppa coffee first thing in the morn…sitting in the quiet, sipping away.. ahh

    -baking something seriously crazy and time consuming and challenging and then being surprised when it turns out OK and then eating it!!

    -snuggling under a blanket with some dreamy tea and a book or movie

    – walking to work in the morn and being aware of how GOOD it feels to be healthy and happy and gettin some fresh air!

    -awesome friends near and far, who you know you can call on for anything! ;)

    Have a good week my dearie, keep thinkin’ happy thoughts!

  2. At the moment market veggies are making me really happy. Oh and this chilly little weather we’re having, man I love Fall!

    Thanks so much for your little positive place in the blogworld! You’re right it is so nice to read something with absolutely no negativity!

    Love it! Love you!

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