so, last night gabe and i watched Drive~ my main man ryan gosling’s new movie with stunning co star carey mulligan:


so many reasons why i loved it. the first being the acting, and the fact that i love both of these celebs. they killed it. but, also i am loving the wicked soundtrack, which is kinda shocking considering i’m not really into that whole electronic scene. but, from the opening scene with Night Call, (kavinsky) i knew i was going to love it.

i don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone, but i must just say that if you haven’t seen it yet then you are insane.

i am also proud to announce that gabe is okay with the fact that if we hadn’t met, i would be married to ryan gosling.

i just can’t stop listening to the music, man… it’s so good. i will tell you that i think my favorite track as of now is A Real Hero (college).

As much as i am raving about the music, the movie is really great and i thought it was very well executed by all parties. i wanted to see it since the first time i saw a preview, and i am so glad it was a thumbs up all around.

ch ch check it out for yourselves and lemme know whatcha thinks. (only if you like it, if not~ please refrain from telling me)

chao for sunday’s edition!


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